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Maciej Stuhr’s wife talks about health problems, poses with a changed husband: “He took me for a weekend breathing” (photo)

Maciej Stuhr's wife talks about health problems, poses with a changed husband: "He took me for a weekend breathing" (photo)

Message Store In 2014, he ended his marriage to Samantha JanasWith whom he has been in a relationship for over 15 years. A year later, the actor’s heart beat faster again when he met at a theater Katarzyna Błażejewska. The lovers decided to seal the feeling of the wedding, and in 2015 the actor married again.

Katarzyna Błażejewska-Stuhr He is a clinical dietitian and author of the culinary blog – “Mama in the Big City”. The beloved actress avoids giving interviews to the media about his private life, and at the same time tries to accompany her husband to festive parties from time to time. Recently, they starred, among other things, at the premiere of “Fucking Bornholm”, where Message Store He plays one of the main roles.

The beloved actor operates an active Instagram account, where he posts regularly to stay in touch with the community that follows her. There Catarzina shares selected details from her private life.

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On Monday, the nutritionist posted on Instagram her latest post informing her that she hasn’t been feeling well lately. It turns out that Błażejewska-Stuhr she did A series of tests, but the doctors still don’t know what’s wrong with it. The actor’s wife complains of constant fatigue and drowsiness.

Incidentally, the dietitian praised that Message Store took her on a weekend trip abroad, so that her lover could take a break from daily duties.

My husband took me for a weekend breathing, it was the first night of it I slept 20 hours. On the second day, a little less as we go back – Catarzina added.

Katarzyna Błażejewska-Stuhr has added a series of photos from her weekend trip to the latest entry. Photos with Maciej are especially noteworthy, because we can see them there mutant actor. Guysdor decided to make another change in appearance, Giving up a gray beardWhich in recent weeks aroused great emotions among his fans.

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Why do I write everything? Everyone has their problems in one way or another that does not make this world known. Here they will adapt quickly because there is money and sick children die because the government does not help the sick, only alcoholics and addicts who do not want to work. I’m not talking about all of them.

When I was buying a plot of land near them, it was a niche, you know, I think in the neighborhood I think it’s good, at least not the all-interesting old ladies. Meanwhile, the best old baby. This woman is so flashy, outspoken, forcefully friendly, force correct, environmentally powerful – she’s annoying at 102, plus she doesn’t quite know any of the subjects, she knows the internet and yes, she considers herself better because she’s her husband. Tragedy.

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I have the same. Permanent fatigue and sore throat and neck for two months. General examinations are fine, and we are still looking for the cause with the doctors. Greetings Kasia, I know how exhausting this ignorance and fear for health is.

They are all very sick and very exhausted. No poor…maybe we’ll do a drop or what?

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I had symptoms similar to those of the lady above, but when I stopped watching TVN, where they were telling lies all day, I immediately recovered. For others I would also advise, it really works.

A dietician uses a lot of diets!!!! Fill up, woman, you will be healed!!!!!

She looks like Zuzanna Pactwa from this model

Once you know the reason for this, please let me know. I’ve been doing this for several years.

He used to be a nice guy, a good actor (now he’s playing well too), but something happened to him, he started to be tough and hateful towards people who disagreed with him, I understand you might have a different opinion, but that doesn’t entitle you to offend others. . I feel sorry for the guy you can see in the pictures that he had sad eyes despite his smile, he was full of joy.

He was such a cute boy…

In my opinion, it is lymphoma. We had the same case in the family, the same symptoms. Unfortunately, this disease often gives vague symptoms, but it is important to diagnose quickly …

It can be the effect of a vaccine, like my husband’s father.

Both are ugly, she’s 10 years older?

Maciu will say “But we have a summit here” but I won’t say that

Did you get a vaccine? Well, you know where these problems come from….

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