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Magda and Andrzej’s love in m as love does not destroy. It will explode in episode 1686 by doubling its power – photos and videos

M jak miłość, odcinek 1686: Miłość Magdy i Andrzeja wybuchnie w obliczu zagrożenia. Znów będą się szaleńczo całować! – ZDJECIA, WIDEO

Section “M jak miłość” 1686 – Tuesday 14 November 2022, at 20.55 on TVP2

In the 1686 episode “M jak miłość” the long-awaited moment will come, when Magda and Andrei will throw themselves into each other’s arms! This is what true love Budzyńska hid in herself after her pregnancy affair with Julia (Marta Chodorowska) would look like. And Andrei, on the other hand, the despondency after the loss of his beloved wife will overflow with alcohol more and more. But Budzyńskis’ feelings are indestructible and We will see it with our own eyes Already on Tuesday 14.11!

In the latest series “Kulisy M jak miłość”, Magda and Andrei announce what will happen in their marriage in the new episodes. Mucha says she ran home for peace of mind and doesn’t fully answer that everyone cares for her there.

In the 1686 episode “M jak miłość”, Andrzej will come home at a perfect moment. One of the thieves in the area is going to ambush the lonely Magda’s house, and if he did not run into her husband, then tragedy could have occurred. But Budzyński will protect his wife She gratefully throws herself around his neck and kisses him passionately! All fans of the Budzyński couple are waiting for this moment.

Magda and Andrei’s love in “M jak miłość” is indestructible

Camille supports Andrei a lot – Reveals playing Camille, Budzyńskis friend Marcin Bosak. – I absolutely support this marriage, because meeting someone with whom you match at least 60 percent is difficult.

This situation shows that in reality nothing is given to us forever – Adds Anita series in “Kulisach M jak miłość”. – The Budzyńskis’ family seemed so wonderful, indestructible, and here suddenly something like … If they had such love, such a crisis, could happen to anyone. Everything is easy to lose Melania Grzesiewicz explains.

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But in the 1686 episode “M jak miłość” We will see that the love of Magda and Andrzej is indestructible! They cannot live without each other. Will this night change their lives and they start together again, again? We’ll find out by following Budzyński’s series from Tuesday, November 14th on TVP2.

m like love. Magda will kiss Andrzej and spend the night back home! Julia will lose Budzyński’s child after the theft

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