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Magda Gessler has completed a kitchen revolution in a restaurant in Greater Poland. ‘Those were tough days’

Magda Gessler has completed a kitchen revolution in a restaurant in Greater Poland.  'Those were tough days'

It’s about a restaurant in “Kulinarna Warszawka” located in Kpno.

As of Wednesday, the restaurant has a new name given by the restaurateur “Bar Sztuka na Raz”.

In front of the building there was a large gathering of interested residents who wanted to discover the owner of a famous restaurateur for a while – Inform the portal Magda Gessler not only changed the name of the restaurant, but also the interior design and color. Currently, the restaurant is in pastel pink.

Before the last supper, the waitresses came out to potential consumers with a promotion. Meat dominates the kitchen. As Ostrów journalists found out, “Bar Sztuka na Raz” will open from Saturday 17 September.

The episode with the building will be broadcast in Kupno in a few weeks. Gourmets can judge their own kitchen changes by visiting the building in Kupno, while in the first episode, the owners will hear the opinions of customers who attended the formal dinner that culminates the episode.

Building owners on social media officially announced the end of the kitchen revolution. Dear customers and friends of the former “Kulinarna Warszawka”, we can officially be proud of the fact that we have seen a transformation in the past few days thanks to Magda Gessler and the “Kitchen Revolutions”. From now on, we are called “Bar Sztuka na Raz”. Those were tough days full of sacrifices and hard work, but we hope you will appreciate our hard work and come to our doorstep.

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