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Magdalena Ogórek and Jarosław Jakimowicz “In Kontra” Reveal the Truth About Their Relationship

Magdalena Ogórek and Jarosław Jakimowicz "In Kontra" Reveal the Truth About Their Relationship

Magdalena Ogórek and Jarosław Jakimowicz jointly run the “W kontrze” program broadcast on TVP Info. Presenters spend a lot of time not only at work but also outside of it.

It’s no secret that the young wolf and the former presidential candidate love seeing each other alone. It has become a tradition for Yaroslav to accompany Magdalena to the car by Yaroslav. Jakimowicz could always count on a goodbye kiss on the cheek, but not the last time.

A wonderful farewell to the TVP stars sparked rumors about their alleged crisis.

As it turns out, Magdalena Ogórek and Jarosław Jakimowicz are closely following the portal reports, because they quickly learned of the rumors emerging from them.

During the program “In Opposition” the vision leaders decided to bring up their relationship issues, reassuring that everything was fine between them.

While Ogórek was broadcasting, I also decided to share the happy news. The potential boss has announced that she will soon adopt a dog, a German Shepherd to be exact.

Yakimovich would not have been himself if he had not given his friend “professional advice”. TVP Info presenter advised those considering traveling with the dog Ogórek to carry the dog on public transport in a bag.

Soon Muslim journalists began to note that such a large bag, which could fit a German Shepherd dog, could be borrowed from Frank Sterczewski.

Let us remind you that the aforementioned member of the Civic Coalition with a big blue suitcase tried to deliver food to immigrants in Usnarz Górny.

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Are you happy that Jakimowicz and Ogórek’s relations are still good?

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