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Magdalena Stobic celebrates her 31st birthday in Israel: “Let all wishes go to my son” (photo)

Magdalena Stobic celebrates her 31st birthday in Israel: "Let all wishes go to my son" (photo)

As soon as it seemed Magdalena Stobic And Jacob Rzenicak He managed to bury the war ax for the baby, and reignite their feud. Despite earlier declarations of a truce, Stobio decided to accuse her former partner of bullying. The footballer responded in a lengthy statement in which he indicated that he had never supported the idea of ​​moving his seriously ill son to Israel, but was fully prepared to financially secure his treatment.

After a few days of silence Magdalena It has been reactivated on Instagram. This time, the reason for her subsequent posts was happier than before. as it turned out, The young mother celebrated her 31st birthday on Saturday.

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In the morning the view greeted her A bouquet of red roses and a pink cake with candles in the form of numbers. Stupio took the opportunity, asking her fans to forward all today’s Christmas greetings to another sender – her son.

What a morning surprise. This Christmas is different than before, because I spend it with you, son. The conditions in which I am interested are not the best, but this does not matter, because together we can deal with such a formidable opponent.. Today’s wishes are for me, please, to be directed to Oliwierek. And you know exactly what you wish for.

Stępie posted on InstaStories greetings from her close friends, one of them, as we see in the video, visited her some time ago in Israel.

My dear, I wish you strength and perseverance in this difficult time for you. will still be beautiful

He did exactly that Saba and his art project. I wonder what Mav said I would be a bit ashamed of having such a partner, and if she was known too, I would chase him to the end of the world. You are independent, and most importantly when you tell yourself that you are finding someone better.

First of all, I wish you a lot of health and, most importantly, a lot of strength to fight …

happy birthday 🍀

And when did he talk about this miracle that happened in an Israeli clinic?

She is as great as I am. shocking. He seems more serious with these treatments, tanning beds, and his black hair at school.

Recent Comments (37)

She really is such an older girl

A birthday in any hotel apartment in Israel for money, what to throw at such pictures for indecency, I’m amazed, everything else is a zebra ..

With her lifestyle, child sterility is not an option.

All the best, lots of strength and faith as it will be good, healthy and a smile to you and your ollie ;-)))

These endless phrases on insta are beautiful, this constant farewell to Instagram to come back again with the slogan “I’m back, you missed”

31? She always looked around 40

For me, when one man leaves with the child, then the other, what the third thinks that I and I will love ha ha ha.

My birthday too today 🙂 I wish you a lot of health and patience for Magdalena and her son

Perseverance and health are the most important.

Woman, give it up. Focus your attention on the child, not on Instagram

Why is this for my son? Your birthday is not your son. Don’t overdo it anymore! And stop posting these bad filters!!!!

A fundraising comparison helps Mikołaj “Tiger” Wesolowski, who also suffered from the same condition as Oliwier, unfortunately, died in 2021. It was there that everything was given on a regular basis, all the details by the mother, a full description of treatment and assembly, photos Boy sometimes painful – literally every examination, every moment in the hospital, a connection to devices. There was nothing hidden from complete sincerity. And in this case, everything is removed regularly, and a lot of mystery obscures people. We don’t really know anything. strange mother

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