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Magdalena Stobic visits Oliverique’s grave: “I’m in Hell”

Magdalena Stobic visits Oliverique's grave: "I'm in Hell"

conflict between Jakob Rzynicak and Magdalena Stubic It became the subject of media attention again when the football player, in response to criticism from Internet users, decided to call his ex-wife to the board of directors. In response, Magda appealed to the late father. Oliver to leave her alone. The woman admits that she has had some really difficult moments in recent months.

Nor did the butcher hide his grief until now. On his 36th birthday, the footballer described the past year as “the most difficult of his life”. He also spoke about the moment of his son’s death in front of him.

On Saturday, photos of Ollier’s grave were posted on the open profile of Stubio. Magda Added impressive entries to photos.

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When someone told me “Hell doesn’t exist”. He was wrong, I’m ordering it now – We read on the first published slide.

Stępień also wrote a second letter in which she could refer to her last clash with Jacob Rzenicak.

If it wasn’t for the strength I get from Oliveric, I wouldn’t be able to do it, given what’s going on around me… No words… I’ll leave it like that…

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I don’t understand why you publish such articles. you don’t have a heart

Simply the worst thing in the world to lose a child. As Magda says, real hell.

Maybe it’s kind of a therapy for her, but posting a picture of the tombstone on IG is at least weird to me. Magda, calm down, get off the grid. Silence will help you more than just reading condolences from strangers

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I once heard a text like this when you walk through hell, don’t stop yourself…

Come to show these people and stop nursing their misfortune

Everything comes and hurts my heart, not between the inner parts

And this hell has to go on on Instagram.

Two months ago my father passed away and unfortunately without him you sometimes have to cry to try it your own way but it never occurred to me to post pictures of his grave or any other information about it on social media. The person who does this, in my opinion, expects a reaction from others for his “difficult situations” Why put these pictures, if she is in mourning, let me test her in her own way at home in the church in the cemetery where she wants to, but post the pictures where she fell and then Read what he wrote to her. He will not pray for the child and his spirit will help him more than pictures of tombstones and writing about how bad I am. I do not know a person who, after the death of a loved one, would say: Oh, how good I am …

And then a good doctor and tablets

Will it affect this tragedy?!

Let her go and go to work

I feel sorry for her with all my heart, but … After all, these pictures did not leak out of public places, taken by a paparazzo hyena. Consciously prepared and published by the self-interested party. Most likely in response to yesterday’s post from the child’s father. I fear we may be witnessing the birth of an embarrassing hypothetical quarrel between two people – no doubt about it – immersed in unimaginable pain, under the slogan “My loss is greater than yours”.

Once I read somewhere that the greatest harm to a man is life. It’s hard to disagree. Magda writes that her son, or rather a memory of him, gives her strength. Like to believe it. My neighbor visits his wife several times and says the same thing.

I am sorry. But Magda may find a good partner and have a baby. I know that no one will replace him and he will not be forgotten, but it will be easier. Unfortunately, I am in a similar situation, i.e. I lost my child and my partner has a different condition, and I felt the pain, but I am over 40 and will not start a family anymore. Ms. Magda may succeed. There is a beautiful woman. I hope our dead somehow exist. If so, then parents and children are kind to us. Much health and peace, Mrs. Magda.

She herself bought a tombstone for a child…

Ask for my premium money for your child

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