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“Magnezja” by Bochniak. We were promised a crazy comedy western. Szyc Women’s dress a little too

"Magnezja" by Bochniak.  We were promised a crazy comedy western.  Szyc Women's dress a little too

I would like to say that I am delighted with the Magnezja movie by Mashek Bochniak. I eagerly awaited the premiere: there were many indications that I would have a Western comedy in Polish in the spirit of Tarantino. You promised a crazy movie and you believed it. But when I saw the production, I left the cinema feeling that what I saw was very dangerous. And to my endurance, somewhere for half an hour is too long.

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“Magnezja” – the first Western film in the Polish version with a teaser. Ostaszewska rules the gang!

Western in Polish or “Magnezja”

The screenplay for “Magnezja” was written by the duo Maciej Bochniak – Mateusz Kosiukewicz, who became famous in 2015 with the unconventional film “Disco Polo”, where the greatest songs of the 90s served as an excuse to write a fiction, an abstract and slightly exciting success story, strongly comedic Music from the provinces. The masters then showed that they like and are able to reconcile movie conventions, they love winking at scenes and setting Stories Lots of flavours. The cast was excellent and they were top-notch (David Ogrodnik, Thomas Cote, Joanna Colleg, Piotr Jovaki, etc.), and even ahead of his time: Bartosz Pelinya appeared in a rather dark episode, playing a mafia boy from a dirty business – until At the time it could be expected that he was still ranting about it. Based on the adventure this movie was about, I made my expectations for Magnesia.

The screenwriters take us on a trip to the interwar period and make sure that the plot is full of connections: this is a Polish city on the Polish-Soviet border, where most of the population lives from smuggling. Thus, the real power in Revier is held by the Lewenfisz family, with the dangerous Róża (Maja Ostaszewska) taking the reins after the death of her father, who runs the criminal syndicate with her sisters Lila (Małgorzata Gorol) and Zbroja (Boris Szyk). He wants to switch from the drug-trade to drugs, but before it all starts, Ró toa has to re-establish relations with, say, the lion (Andrzej Chyra) – a Soviet smuggler who wants to reconcile his son with Helena, the daughter of a local bank chief (Magdalena) Boczarska).

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The girl, in turn, lives in a close relationship with one of the Haddoni brothers. Albert (David Ogrodnik) and Albin (Mateusz Kosiukewicz) are Siamese twins, who run the only photo shop in the area and because of their fungal disease, they are all called mutants, so they want to get out of town at any cost. They have an idea about it – illegal of course. In addition, Inspector Stanisława Kochaj (Agata Kulesza) comes to the city one day, who unexpectedly has to deal with a mysterious murder mystery that leads to the discovery mystery From the past of the Lewenfisz family. So much for the plot outline.

Let’s start with the fact that absolute obedience is due to Dorota Roqueplo for costumes, Marek Warszewski for set design, Jan AP Kaczmarek for Hollywood music and Paweł Chorzępa for great photos. They really created the real atmosphere of the Polish wild east in the colorful era of the interwar period – “Magnezja” is only worth seeing if one is impressed with their art. Let’s not forget the cast: Maja Ostaszewska is really scary and dangerous, Małgorzata Gorol perfectly portrays someone as a lone gunslinger, Andrzej Chyra has a great feel for an old smuggler (make-up and marinated broken teeth also make a great impression – adding credibility to him in the role of human lice), David Ogrodnik is brilliant in many comedic (and gimmicky!) scenes, Kościukiewicz is charmingly cute, and Agata Kuliza is the compelling epic avatar of the kind of policeman of a genius detective and outsider.

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It also totally captivates in this Movie In fact, it is filled with strong, determined, intelligent and capable women who are not only an addition to a man’s fairy tale, they have a huge impact on the course of action. They are cunning, they can be cruel and selfish, and they don’t hesitate to do what they think is right. Nice change.

I admit that I do not understand a little why Boris Szyk played a woman. Gone are the times when “a peasant dressed as a woman” was the world’s funniest joke (even though he had gorgeous fake breasts). I find a possible argument to defend this casting decision: the character of Lewensztajn’s armor is written in such an exaggerated way that it is not necessarily a compelling performance for any actress. Indeed, the physical features of Borys Szyc are of great importance here – a huge stature, muscular paws and great strength. But if that’s “Magnezja’s” greatest comedic feature, it isn’t. Although I admit that the interesting sequences of Borys Szyc and Bartosz Bielenia captivated me precisely thanks to the contrast in their appearance. However, spending two hours of quality time is still too little.

Borys Szyc disguised as a woman is not enough to be funny

Well, the comedy in this story is generally not included in the plot, here it is presented with situational gags almost from the times of “Flip and Flap”: and the priest will kick someone, we will see someone in secret, and the big woman will hit some male chuchro A farmer rapes a sheep, and someone will fall into a pipe. When written, it looks bad, it doesn’t stand out in the movie, and most of all it escapes many plot threads that are constantly intertwined, and is actually very exciting and sad.

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Perhaps that is why there was no spark between me and Magnesia. It’s sad because this movie has everything you need to have a good time. There are twists, intriguing characters, killer costumes, stunning makeup, fairy-tale visuals, Oscar-winning music, actors completely trapped in their stories, incredible shooting, impressive brawls as well as criminal intrigues and secrets from the past. All these items are elegant, you can see a lot of love and fun. Only this game did not affect me, the viewer.

I once felt exhausted and sad because I was waiting for the end. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that in the end the plots and characters are too many, and some roles, albeit in the movie comedyVery dramatically written, the story does not naturally reveal any hero or heroine to follow all along, get to know, encourage, or even hope that everything will work out in the end for him/her. It may also be, after all, that this crazy Polish East is in fact a classic Western, where gags and Boris Szyk have been pressed, for not admitting, to hide that this is a very dangerous story that someone will always help the innocent. “Magnezja” in Polish cinemas from June 11.

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