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Maidan responds to Michniewicz’s accusations. “I cannot allow such a person to insult me ​​with impunity.”

Maidan responds to Michniewicz's accusations.  “I cannot allow such a person to insult me ​​with impunity.”

Radosław Majdan responded very decisively to Czeslaw Mitsniewicz’s suggestions. – It seems to him that he manipulates public opinion very well, but not completely The former goalkeeper was fired.

The first months of Michunwich’s electoral term were turbulent. Sometimes verbal quarrels between the director and journalists overshadowed the ball. It started at the first press conference, when the 51-year-old had to face questions about his acquaintance with Ryszard F. “Barber”. After his victory with Sweden, he made very harsh statements about journalists that were not in his favour.

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Majdan, whom he has criticized several times in the media, is not a supporter of Michenewicz.

The selected one answered him in the “Let’s Talk About Ball” program on our YouTube channel. You will watch the episode with the team coach here.

– If our celebrity – no name, you can guess who it is – who’s been wandering in Art Bay, did a lot of stupid things, including harassing club spokesmen, and then judges me morally, I don’t accept it. I can’t digest it – Michniewicz blew it out.

Maidan was offended by this statement. There is no doubt that Michniewicz was after him.

– I was offended for the first time. Well, I thought, he wanted to respond. He went with me, but I understand. There is no reason to practice word fencing. But then there was a second, third, fourth, and fifth time. It has gone a little far – Majdan said on the “Mission Sport” program on Onet.

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– Hold me to distort my hearing, to the bay of art. As for the case I have with Syllwester Latkowski, which was based on court. I am convinced I will win it. There was no reason to involve me in this. Speaking of some kind of harassment, such a move towards me, but not to mention my name … Michniewicz thinks he manipulates public opinion very well, but not completely – said the former guard.

– The limiter felt an eternity, because he won with Sweden. It seems to him that after the prime minister’s visit he can criticize everyone. A little too far. Expect a class, a different approach than specified. Not that he will denigrate his enemies – added.

– I can’t allow someone like Michniewicz to insult me ​​with impunity. This has far-reaching consequences. I hope it cools off for him to accept the fact that the selector also answers tough questions. And when she talks about harassment, she’s abhorrent. Then it should say either all or nothing. This is a very serious accusation – Field finished.

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