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Maja Chualinska in the Wimbledon Qualifier Final

Maja Chualinska in the Wimbledon Qualifier Final

The players had never met on the field before. In the first round, Ignatik defeated fellow countryman Kristina Dino in two sets, and the Pole beat Alyona Bolsova Zadoinova in three matches.

Chwalińska broke her opponent at the first opportunity, although she needed some stopping points for that. The Polish woman wisely defended herself against the opponent’s services and this led to a break in the second match of this match.

The Polish woman quickly lost her service, but responded in the best possible way, returning to the advantage of playing two games. On the fourth it ended with a beautiful cross in the line.

Chwalińska then calmly led the match into the group, giving her opponent only one more match. The score, however, may slightly distort the course of the match, because The Roman fought evenly, matches were long, so the first set lasted more than 50 minutes.

This mode also continued at the beginning of the second match, where there was a lot of playing to gain advantages. On the first stage of the set, Ignatik was even better, forcing our representative to chase the score.

But at the crucial moment, the Polish team managed to catch up and broke Ignatek, leveling the score in the set with a score of 5-5. But in the end, Roman kept her cool and snatched the second set after a long fight.

Perhaps this was too upsetting for Chwalińska, who in the third set moved up to a higher speed, quickly moving up to 5-0. The Roman woman was placed in a very difficult situation from which she could not get out. She could only improve the score cosmetically, and in the end they lost the set 2-6.

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In tomorrow’s qualifier final, American Coco Vandenweghe Chwalińska awaits.

Maya Chualinska (Poland) 2-1 (6-2, 5-6, 6-2) Alexandra Ignatik (Romania) 5-2

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