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Májak miłość, episode 1691: Magda and Andrzej together again! There will be reconciliation during the celebration at home – photos

Májak miłość, episode 1691: Magda and Andrzej together again!  There will be reconciliation during the celebration at home - photos

“M jak miłość” episode 1691 – Mon 5 Dec 2022 at 20.55 on TVP2

In the 1691 episode “M jak miłość” all of Magda’s relatives will appear in the domicile and Andrzej will be among them. to There will be a unique event that we wrote about during the 2022 holidays, when Anna Mucha shared a photo on Instagram with viewers from the group “M jak miłość” Where she showed up with her serial boyfriends. Even then, it was known that Budzyńscy would not give up too many wonderful moments to create a harmonious marriage. At the party on the occasion of the opening of the guest house in the domicile in 1691, the episode “M jak miłość” will appear, among others. Kinga (Katarzyna Čikupec), Piotrek (Marcin Mirošek), Anita (Milania Gryzevic) and Camille (Marcin Bousak). Fortunately, pregnant Julia, whom Magda could not bear to see, will not arrive. In any case, Budzyński shows at every step after the betrayal that what matters to him is his wife’s recovery, not Malicka’s help. Interestingly, even before the start of the ceremony, Andrei will have a heartfelt conversation with his beloved and confess to her that he suffers and misses his wife. Perhaps a lawyer wouldn’t be the best person for this kind of confession, but Andrei wouldn’t be able to deal with his feelings.

A poignant moment in the domicile in the 1691 episode “M jak miłość”. Will Magda and Andre reconcile for good?

During the celebration in the domicile in the “M jak miłość” episode from 1691, there will be no end to laughter, and friends will take care of Magda’s good mood. However, before the ceremony finally begins, Magda will take advantage of the opportunity and ask Kamel if he can represent her in court during the divorce hearing. A surprised Gryc won’t know how to react, but maybe that’s for the best, because later in the episode “M jak miłość” from 1691, the Budzyńskis will go for a walk and there will be a hack!

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A kiss in the episode “M jak miłość” in 1686 proves that Magda still loves Andrzej dearly.And in the 1691 episode “M jak miłość” there will be a real reconciliation. Budzyński will once again assure his wife that he only loves her and only needs her. He won’t have to explain much, because by gestures alone you can guess that only Magda interests him. It seems that the current season of “M jak miłość” will most likely end with the return of the feuding couples and the forgiveness of mistakes. This is what the “M jak miłość” fans are counting on, who didn’t like the idea of ​​separating Magda from Andrzej at all.

m like love. Magda is going to kiss Andrzej and they spend the night together back home! Budzyński’s baby Julia will lose after the robbery

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