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Majdano family is no longer together? Magorzata Rozenek writes about it! :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Majdano family is no longer together?  Magorzata Rozenek writes about it!  :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Magorzata Rozenek-Majdan is very active in social media even during a trip abroad. There was an answer to a netizen’s question, with “Perfect” reporting the arrangement… Why aren’t the Medan family together anymore?

Majorzata Rosinic Majdan. AKPA photo / Jacek Kurnikowski

Magorzata Rosinic and Radosão Magdan have been in Mexico for some time, where you spend your time on more professional projects and divine relaxation. A foreign field trip accompanied, among other things their consolation – Henio, As well as the children of “Pervikigna” from her first marriage. I have majorzata rosinic too Stanisou and Tadeus, whose father was the former partner of the host of “Projekt Lady” – Jacek Rozenek. However, the pastoral field family was interrupted due to Majorzata’s eldest child was forced to return to Poland. why? Beloved Radosawa Majdan reveals the details in response to a query from a netizen. One woman was curious if the star’s older children would take part in online classes. Rosenick did not leave this comment unanswered, revealing that the family had to separate for a while…

Majorzata Rosink about the divorce with her son

Majorzata Rosink acknowledged Majdan, and Stanisław returned to Poland because he was waiting for exams:

remotely, but Sta, who has very important exams, will return to Poland some time ago. When we created a job here, which wasn’t easy at all, the exams were supposed to be online. Later there was no way to rearrange everyone, but not here. So we had to part, for the first time in this long time, she wrote, adding a broken heart symbol.

Stanisio is the eldest son of Magorzata Rosinic Majdan, who celebrated her fifteenth birthday on June 4th. “Perfection” does not hide that she is proud of his actions, when the teenager showed his work Photography talent! In addition, on the occasion of the recently celebrated Mother’s Day Stanisław jacket design Which later became a gift to Magorzata. Do you think that Stanisou will soon enter the colorful world of fashion with momentum?

The perfect family at Radosaw Majdan. “Clean Child Radzio”. New pictures hit the web!

Last year Radosaw Majdan became a father for the first time! The son of the athlete and Magorzata Ruzinik was born, named Henrik. Now Happy Dad will be showing the latest family photos, and netizens have started to comment! …

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