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Majorzata Omi cries in the vision, remembering her mother’s death: “You hurt me”

Majorzata Omi cries in the vision, remembering her mother's death: "You hurt me"

Małgorzata ohm aware of the death of her beloved mother at the end of 2020. Barbara Sulowska She died after a long illness.

on Sunday Alexandra Kwasniewska And Olga Legos The host of “Dzie Dobry TVN” hosted and again raised the topic of her mother’s departure. Małgorzata ohm I admit it Her relationship with her father was difficult because she had an alcohol addiction problem. The announcer changed her position when she learned about her mother’s illness. Only three months passed between her deterioration and the time of her death. Ohme remembers this time together fondly, claiming that during this time she received nothing but good from her mother.

I had a feeling my mother gave me this death Apologize for my life. I realized that she hurt me, that it was difficult, that she burdened me with her person and her illness. This death was so beautiful and sweet. At the time, my mother set a goal not to burden us with her death. After all, we all know that when our people leave, we get very tired, blame ourselves, and have different feelings. Then she only gave me good She said in an interview with “City of Women”.

Majorzata admitted that she had the last time she sang to her mother before she passed away. She asked her mother to greet her father. During this confession, tears streamed from the presenter’s eyes. Although a lot of time has passed since the unpleasant events for her, she is still overwhelmed with great feelings as she remembers those moments.

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