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Małgorzata Foremniak personally saying goodbye to Queen Elizabeth in front of Windsor Castle (photo)

Małgorzata Foremniak personally saying goodbye to Queen Elizabeth in front of Windsor Castle (photo)

A week ago, Great Britain already had a new king behind the throne Queen Elizabeth II. Monarchini has been in office for more than 70 years, and not so long ago she celebrated her platinum jubilee with her relatives. Today the country mourns her loss and condolences continue to pour in from all over the world.

Małgorzata Foremniak says goodbye to Queen Elizabeth

However, many of our compatriots appeared in front of the castle, both those who live on the islands and visitors. She was also among the mourners who personally appeared at Windsor Castle Majorzata Formniac. The actress showed on Instagram what it looked like to bid farewell to the old monarch.

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Małgorzata Foremniak at Windsor Castle

for Instories Margaret Two pictures struck him, placed in front of the castle, surrounded by flowers, and farewell letters that mourners put in front of the wall. She also included a short video where we can see that the Queen is still mourning the crowds. The actress added a hashtag to both photos so that no one would miss where she appeared.

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How much did you earn from this offer, shame

After all, Foremniak looks great

But this is weak

Perhaps the whole of Great Britain held its breath in anticipation of this wonderful and unforgettable visit …

Well… I thought this actress was the smartest…

Then it turned out that they were friends with Queen Elizabeth … But why did she treat Diana so harshly?


10 minutes. Ago

I’ve also been in London for a week and went with the flowers too, but I didn’t take pictures of myself because why?

Sorry to say goodbye to someone like this… to the devil

Hostile, programs have not written anything about it for a long time.

Don’t say goodbye, just keep warm. You haven’t heard of it in a long time and this is such an opportunity. I was also in front of the palace, but I didn’t take a single picture because I went there to give homage and flowers, not to take pictures.

Zinada I was and I do not publish it, no one died, and this is our destiny.

I would like to remind you that Mrs. Zbeitah was the same mortal and ordinary person as my neighbor! To make her life and death a cult is an unfortunate proposition. But as you can see people love it.

What are these people in their heads?

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