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Małgorzata Kożuchowska in a bikini salutes from a strange holiday (photo)

Małgorzata Kożuchowska in a bikini salutes from a strange holiday (photo)

Małgorzata Kożuchowska We have been able to watch consistently on glass screen and theater stage for more than two decades. Recently, the hardworking actress promoted as many as two new productions with her participation: “Zooza” And the “Where the devil cannot, there he sends the child.”

The rest of the article is under the video

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As with celebrities, after a busy career time, you need to organize some rest. Friday in Instastories Margaret So they started appearing Posts indicating that she went on vacation. First, she showed some shots from the airport, hinting that she was struggling to benefit from the services of a luxury airline Qatar Airways The view from the plane window records. She also added a picture of her son that she read in the comic John Francis.

A few hours later, the celebrity has already shared photos from Heaven. Although she didn’t reveal exactly where she was charging the batteries, then Palm trees everywhere, blue water and summer patterns We can conclude that she flew somewhere in the tropics.

The 51-year-old shared, among others, a snapshot of an oceanfront apartment and a video of his blissful moments in the pool. In the movie we see how Lying on an inflatable swan, his back is painted.

A little weird, but all in all great – I signed the video.

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Vacations without dazzling them would be irrelevant?

In this skirt??? what ??? She looks like my grandmother

Why are these images hopeless and meaningless…

Recent Comments (26)

Maybe it’s an advertisement as all of them are today

Maybe someone paid for this holiday, so why do these slogans appear?

Did they go three or two? Her husband never showed up. After all, they once had a lot of photos from events and walls.

And Mons where?? It was so cut off that it had already disappeared

Mother! a look! Kożuchowska greets us. It is a pity that he only welcomes us from holidays, and when he is at work he does not care.

luxury lines After Emirates 2, Qatar is the cheapest airline for transportation. Well, unless you buy it first class overpaying

Palm trees are everywhere

I repeat again (maybe not delete). Do not copy the continuous posts of empty celebrities from Instagram. This is not what we are waiting for.

Haha, looks like Joska does Tilda Swinton…

And I work 40 hours and can’t afford vacations, because my MS drugs are expensive and I have 200 zlotys left for food from 3600. That’s justice.

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