October 23, 2021

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Małgorzata Ohme responds to tattoo criticism.  Comment on Instagram

Małgorzata Ohme responds to tattoo criticism. Comment on Instagram

Małgorzata ohm A few days ago, she proudly revealed her arm and Show a photo with a tattoo artist.Thank you and remember: “Tastes are not discussed”– She confirmed at the time in an Instagram post that comments were boiling. Aside from praise and congratulations for bravery, there was also a lot of criticism.Tastes are not discussed, so I am silent “,” What a shame “,” How can you become so disfigured?“, “awesome” – These are just some of the unfavorable opinions. Some netizens also mentioned that at this age it is not appropriate to get a tattoo. How did the journalist respond to this?

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Małgorzata Ohme ‘Too big’ for a tattoo? responds to criticism

Małgorzata ohm I decided to face this criticism. She posted a powerful photo of her face, aged, with many wrinkles. I started:

She indicated the comments that she had read about herself on the gossip portals under the tattoo article. Recently She also faced criticism after she introduced her younger partner. Majorzata ume divorced her husband a few years ago and had two children with him. He is currently dating Rafai Jacobiak. I wrote:

Psychologists hate people’s approach to the aging process we all face.

By the way, the journalist encourages the practice of gratitude:

Do you share her opinion?

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