July 28, 2021

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Malta: Incomplete vaccination ban

Malta: Incomplete vaccination ban

We will be the first country in the European Union to implement this ban, but we must protect our society,” the minister said at a press conference. In Malta, the new number of COVID-19 cases has doubled since Monday.

Currently, tourists coming to this small Mediterranean island need to be fully vaccinated or submit a negative PCR test result. The only exception is British tourists who needed a full vaccination due to the delta variant there.

Health Secretary Chris Verne added that cases of coronavirus had recently emerged among guests who tested negative before boarding the plane but were not vaccinated. Most of them are young people who have resided in Malta in English courses. Schools offering such courses will be closed from Wednesday.

He informed the Minister that Malta only recognizes Covid certificates issued by the European Union and Great Britain. He added that the so-called green certificate confirms that people have been fully vaccinated or recover.

“As of Wednesday, we only recognize an EU certificate issued to people who have been fully vaccinated,” he added.

The only exception will be unvaccinated children aged 5-12 who will be allowed to enter Malta with a negative test or will be accompanied by fully vaccinated parents.

Malta has vaccinated 79 percent of its adult population and aims to reach 85 percent.

There were days on the island in June that no cases of coronavirus were recorded, but this week the number rose to 96 on Friday.

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