May 11, 2021

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Man arrested for spreading corona virus to 22: ‘I’m going to infect all of you’

According to colleagues, he went to the office despite the fever and mocked the situation

A 40-year-old man has been arrested and is facing criminal charges in Spain on suspicion of spreading the corona virus to 22 people directly or indirectly. The case took place in Managur. According to the Spanish National Police. Authorities also said the 40-year-old went to work with a 40 C fever. He joked that he was going to pollute colleagues and took off his mask. “I’m going to infect all of you with the corona virus,” he said.

According to the investigation, the person infected eight people directly and 14 indirectly, at work, a food retailer in the city and a gym. Indirect victims include three children. No one needs to be admitted to the hospital.

The investigation began in January after a corona virus outbreak was detected in Mengor, according to National Police, where several infections were recorded in the same workplace.

The man was taken into custody on Friday and released after appearing in court.

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