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Maneskin starred in Sopot? Duda described the situation behind the scenes

Maneskin starred in Sopot?  Duda described the situation behind the scenes

Zespó Måneskin A week ago appeared in Polsat SuperHit Festival in Sopot. The Italians received a warm welcome from the spectators, and their performance caused a stir not only in Poland, but also also abroadAnd all because of the kiss of two men on stage and Damiano David’s emotional appeal to LGBT people. After the parade, they obtained gold records from the organizers and a commemorative statue of the festival, which became the subject of various speculations that continued for a few days after the festival.

It turns out that while the band warmed up the audience on stage, they weren’t excited about playing backstage. Everything was revealed by being at the festival will addwho bragged about a souvenir photo with the Måneskin group during the event.

However, taking a photo with the Eurovision 2021 winners wasn’t very clear. When asked about her impressions after meeting the Måneskin group, Duda said:

First, they didn’t want to see anyone. Vicki [Gabor] I stood for an hour under the dressing room and kissed the doorknob, and others were distributing dishes through the door ”- revealed Duda.

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

Maneskin starred in Sopot? Duda described the situation behind the scenes

Later in the monologue, she commented maliciously on the behavior of the Måneskin musicians. I explained that they were a group, not veterans of the scene.

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“I understand that Some may feel tired after 15 years of jobs, and their fame is infuriating, having already won a million festivals.. You may tire them out a little like the old runners, because everything that was initially long behind them ”- she said.

Duda also described how she was able to take a souvenir photo with the Måneskin group. The singer stated that she would not “grovel” in front of the musicians.

“I was thinking: “Boy, they’ll think an arrogant woman from Poland is something rude and rude«. But here they shocked me very much, and they immediately said: “Welcome to the wardrobe”. I thought, wasn’t it easier to say straight from the bridge rather than the underlying?Note Duda.

The artist also revealed what was going on in Måneskin’s wardrobe. The behavior of the musicians surprised her very much.

“They may not be afraid, but they are very calm. It seemed to me that I would enter a volcano of young feelings, rock and roll, charisma, which would overwhelm me, but I met people who were polite, calm and kind– summed up.

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