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Marcela Leszack trembled over her son’s health. “I put my feet up and my meal and the heat rises and grows”

Marcela Leszack trembled over her son's health.  "I put my feet up and my meal and the heat rises and grows"

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Marcella Leszack had to face her son’s illness. The celebrity shared with Instagram watchers the relationship in which she talked about Frederick’s cold. It turned out that the boy had had a fever for a week and all appointments with private doctors had been booked. Fortunately, partner Miśek Koterski was able to remedy this.

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Marcela Leszhak was worried about her son’s fever

The model was concerned about Frederick’s health. She uploaded recordings in the form of InstaStories to the network, where she talked about the problems that she had been experiencing recently.

Frysiu woke up and the little dog was sad. I have urine test results and unfortunately no chance to make an appointment even in private, because I can only do this next week. I’m not even talking about NFZ, because it has absolutely no chance – I admitted.

Marcela LeszackMarcela Leszack Instagram screen / Marcela Leszczak

Later in the report, she asked Instagram users if there was a doctor among them who would help her find the cause and check her son’s scans.

Is there a doctor here who can check the tests and say if my Frisi is okay, because it is the sixth day and Frisio has a fever all the time? I don’t know. Now it is definitely 38 degrees.

Marcela LeszackMarcela Leszack Instagram Screen / Marcela Leszczak

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Fortunately, a doctor was found who prescribed the boy an antibiotic. A worried mother gave her son the medicine, hoping it would help fight the disease. Meanwhile, she was also making compresses to relieve fever symptoms.

I wrap my entire legs and forehead with a cold towel. And here the temperature rises and rises – I admitted.

We hope that the boy’s condition will improve after visiting the doctor.

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