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Marcin Haeckel breaks silence after revealing the love story of Chichobek and Korzagoski! “I dream that he will settle down”

Marcin Haeckel breaks silence after revealing the love story of Chichobek and Korzagoski!  "I dream that he will settle down"

Marcin Hakeel So far, she has silently endured the media frenzy that “Exodus” sparked. Katarzyna Cichopek and Maciej Kurzajewski In front of all Poland. And the dancer did not hide earlier that she was deeply hurt by the divorce. Now, however, he is clearly able to look at some issues from a distance. In a recent interview with Reality Heckel revealed what makes him happy.

I do not dream of being happy. I try to live in a way that brings happiness in my life. My dream is to live a normal life like this. Hope everything calms down a bit. I love the natural life and the calm rhythm of the day. I think this is my dream Marcin answered with a smile on his lips.

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While will stalk you turned into an avid traveler (let’s just remember the famous Christmas in Jerusalem), Hakeel Became at home full time. As he himself admits, he enjoys the prose of family life more than others.

Certainly children [sprawiają, że jestem szczęśliwy]Definitely work, friends. Lately, I also appreciate time with myself, a time when I can simply make a cup of tea and read a good book. I have a plan to live. To live a normal life.

The dancer also revealed that television stations had already contacted him several times regarding a possible collaboration. However, Hekel is still not ready to return in front of the cameras.

I don’t plan anything with the TV yet. I got a lot of different offers to come back as a choreographer, but This is not the moment yet. I want to calm down for a moment.

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Compared to Paulina, the man is very elegant

Come back as a choreographer if you have any suggestions, because later, when everything stops, he might not repeat himself. Besides, you can see that he goes to therapy and has everything in order, stick with it and be happy!

Karma will come back so it will be ok and you will be happy this is life

And I dream of a man with a strong character, honest and patient, who loves me as I am, without plastic surgery and false eyelashes.

I remember when I fell in love with being alone with myself, blogging, peace, silence, my time of passion, no fear of what I found at home… This was the moment my husband went outside and really understood what kind of swamp he was in, and how much Alcohol lost. Scream and do for anger, excess responsibilities and fear for the baby, which the father could do again, then I filed for divorce, and now I have a normal life.

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What kind of statement was the classroom reading to the kids who made a fight encouraged him to the other crazy woman and now he wants peace his friends from the box will help him no bad cooperation

Change the image of huge customs! Looks good!

any guest

5 minutes ago

It is because of Hekil that people should stop hating. Kasia may finally understand not to put everything online. She broke the record for throwing inappropriate photos in a certain life situation. I think it will also have a strong influence on Kurzajewski. The peasant had a crazy wife, I am not surprised by this divorce. These are adults…

Why don’t you write about the mouse? Have you already heard?

Everything is pathetic for the audience. She wanted to be silent “for privacy” and before that, privacy for sale when placing an Insta product. As it was supposed to sound, she suddenly announced. Shockwaves they do everything under their image as long as it doesn’t get scratched. Fake smiles, and sometimes only a smile with a grimace he has to show, just in the right direction for everyone to applaud, because you have to make money.

There was no need to issue a divorce announcement, via newspapers and TV stations, or engage in social media – peace of mind would be desirable – hustle on demand!!!

After all, she caused herself this storm, what do you mean now man

Where did the shirt in the picture come from?

Another minute, more than a minute, and this lady will stay on the ice

What kind of fake he blew himself up and now what’s up

Let him not forget that he started it, although Paulina penetrated him.

Why would he see you every day? What is this way of dealing with our difficult life now? avoid us. Can’t you see people have this story under their noses.

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