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Marcin Hakiel shows if he misses Katarzyna Cichopek. Does he see an opportunity to fix his marriage?

Marcin Hakiel shows if he misses Katarzyna Cichopek.  Does he see an opportunity to fix his marriage?

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where Katarzina Seechubek She issued a statement informing that she is separating from her husband, Marcin Hakeel He became very active on social media. The dancer in the published photos does not look depressed. exactly the contrary. He is smiling and full of positive energy. Netizens are starting to wonder if this means Marcin doesn’t miss his ex. So he decided to cut all speculation and answer this and many other questions on Instagram.

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Marcin Haeckel admits if he misses Kasia Chikobec

Recently Marcin Hakeel He shared a video on Instagram showing how his day has been since his breakup Katarzina Seechubek. As he himself admitted, he wanted to satisfy the curiosity of fans. This time he went even further and organized a game in InstaStories in which he agreed to answer all the questions that bother everyone. As you can guess, there was basically one topic.

Do you miss Cassia? asked an Internet user.

The dancer replied shortly.

Marcin HakeelMarcin Hakeel marcinhakiel

Gwiazdor also shared his advice on how to recover from a breakup.

I recommend working on the situation with a professional, accepting the pain and moving on. I do it like this.

Marcin HakeelMarcin Hakeel marcinhakiel

Marcin Haeckel recently showed off photos from her wedding with Katarzyna Chikopek. A netizen asked the dancer if he made her available to get media attention. This one strongly denied it.

I understand that it can be perceived this way, but that’s how I felt and needed it. It’s a kind of goodbye.

Marcin HakeelMarcin Hakeel marcin hakiel

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In a series of questions and answers, Guysdor also admitted that there is no chance of returning to Katarzyna Chikopek. In addition, he said that he feels happy every day.

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