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Marcin Hakiel visits America with his children. Pictures

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Marcin Hakiel decided to provide unforgettable places for children. The dancer took the children on a trip to America. He showed some interesting photos.

Marcin Hakeel And Kasia Sikobek They broke up a few months ago. They announced their decision on Instagram. Fans were shocked as there was no sign of a crisis. They were a very harmonious couple for 17 years. Now that they are each sorting out their lives, the divorce hearing is set for August 25. The spouses must conclude their relationship firmly, but they will not meet in court. They will arrange everything during the online meeting decided by the case manager.

A couple’s divorce is only a formality. Apparently, they agreed well to divide the jointly accumulated property and to maintain the two children. Together they raised a 13-year-old boy Adam and 8 years old Helenka. The parents have opted for alternation, which means they will live with the mother one week and the father another week.

Now the little ones spend their holidays with Marcin. This is He took them to a special place.

Marcin Hakiel with children in America. Showed beautiful impressions

Marcin and Kasia share the responsibilities of caring for the children. Each of them tries to give them as many places as possible. Star TVP Some time ago he took them to the Maldives and then to Masuria. Now it’s time to go with my dad. Some time ago they went to Jakopane together. Now the dancer has gone a little crazy and decided to show the kids where they weren’t before. Both flew to America together.

The proud father continues to boast about the joint trip on social media. Marcin, Helenka and Adam moved to San Francisco. First, they drove around the famous Golden Gate Bridge admiring it from afar, then drove their car through the suspension system that connects the city to Marine County. It was definitely an amazing experience because its length is 2373 meters, and the gaps are almost submerged in clouds.

You can see more photos by Marcin in our gallery. These are truly amazing scenes.

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