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Marcin Prokop sharply about Michel Winevsky: Don’t repeat this nonsense

Marcin Prokop sharply about Michel Winevsky: Don't repeat this nonsense

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Michel Wiśniewski She is one of the most colorful characters in Polish show business. He became famous not only for his music, but also for his excesses. The life of the leader of “Ich Troje” was full of ups and downs, which the artist described in the latest biography of the band. As the father mentioned. Marcin Procopa. However, the journalist is not completely satisfied with the way it was presented in the last work. In the post on Facebook, he referred to a short segment in which Michał Wiśniewski recalled meeting him for an interview. “Try to be fit, and please don’t repeat any nonsense that has no real coverage,” said the TV presenter.

You can read the rest of the article below the video:

Marcin Prokop sharply about Michel and Yanivsky

The clip Marcin Prokop wrote about his concerns about their interview with the Gala several years ago. “We talked and drank vodka. After the interview, we discussed how two men are drunk, about women among others. Then the opinion was definitely that Magda [Femme — przyp. red.] I went to the woman. We met on Saturday, and on Monday I got a text for authorization. When I watched this interview, I said it must have ignited…and I absolutely do not agree to authorize such private conversations”—we read in an excerpt from the book quoting Marcin Prokop.

“When I scared them with my lawyer, they said they had recorded everything. During the interview, Marcin closed the recording device next to me. nApparently when I left the room he turned it on again. It was a fucking huge game. Jay made his career, but he succeeded in his goal.”

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Marcin Prokop decided to refer to the part quoted above. “I’m worried about Michao’s memory,” he began. “I don’t think it’s working very well.” “I never drink alcohol while doing my job, dear Michel, and I don’t like vodka. Talk to hundreds of people I’ve worked with over the past 25 years.”

“I will not frighten you, Mikhaish, I will not frighten you with the lawyers, nor do I ask for apologies or corrections, because I I have more interesting things in my life than dealing with your fantasies about me and funding gossip media with material for unrelated celebrity dramas during cucumber season ”- he added.

Marcin Prokop summed it up.

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