October 18, 2021

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Mariusz Szczurkiewicz

Marcin Szczurkiewicz of Torment Sketches Cabaret in hospital. underwent surgery

Marcin Szczurkiewicz, a well-known artist from Kabaret Skeczów Męczące, was taken to the hospital. The cabaret driver posted a picture of the bed and revealed what had happened. “Now a few weeks of rest” – he declared.

Marcin Szczurkiewicz is a well known artist on the Polish cabaret scene. The guy comes from Kielce, and is best known for his performance with the band Kabaret Skeczów Męczące. Making people laugh isn’t his only hobby – he willingly shares the backstage of his private life on social media, posting photos from his travels and bragging about being physically active.

This time, a completely different picture appeared on his Instagram profile. We see a cabaret man lying on a hospital bed. Netizens were worried about the artist’s condition. what happened?

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Marcin Szczurkiewicz in hospital. Show this photo . Cabaret artist from Kabaret Skeczów Męczczych

It turned out that Marcin Szczurkiewicz had to undergo laryngeal surgery. The artist works with his voice, so the procedure was very dangerous for him. He is now undergoing rehabilitation so that he can make a full recovery.

– It is already said, laryngeal surgery is successful. It can be said that even though the TV season is over, I’m still in the clinic. Now a few weeks of silence… and it should sound like new. Only this silence that I can not imagine in my performance, but sometimes I have no choice. Keep your fingers crossed. Notice. Homework- Every weekend everyone drinks a good drink for my health – wrote under the picture.

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