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Marcin Tyszka completes the pregnant Katarzyna Sokołowska on the “Top Model” set: “Look, LOOKS BEAUTIFUL” (PHOTOS)

Marcin Tyszka completes the pregnant Katarzyna Sokołowska on the "Top Model" set: "Look, LOOKS BEAUTIFUL" (PHOTOS)

In the Easter holiday Katarzina Sukwawska Announce it unexpectedly soon She joins the celebrity moms group. Since the fashion show director shared the happy news with the world, the media has become more and more interested in it. However, the 49-year-old doesn’t seem to be complaining about the increased interest, on the contrary – She’s already given an interview in the breakfast room.

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Although Sokołowska isn’t too impulsive in reporting what’s going on behind the scenes of TVN, she seems to make up for it and all the jurors. Marcin Tesca. On Monday, the photographer posted a lot of shots from 12 working hours at the filming location. He showed not only himself, but also the rest of the jury and bibswhich he bought for colleagues.

Oh, that’s how things begin, go ahead. Everyone has their own apron, I brought it from Barcelona We hear about a 46-year-old excited profile.

(…) Listen, we, before the first slap, are ready and, as usual, prettier and more beautiful! – The “humble” juror continues and shows his comrades on Instastories:

There’s Dżoana, and David – he’s chewing something in there of course. Well, there is Kasieńka! Please, look, you look beautiful – He completes his colleague from work and adds, referring to her condition and the fact that Krupa has been pregnant for three years:

Again, there will be five jurors in these representatives.

Does anyone else watch this supermodel show? Such a regional fair

In my opinion, she is pretending to be pregnant, I don’t know why. You can admit guilt to a surrogate or adoption

I saw her. He is as thin as a comma and has an artificial stomach.

The silicone belly works well and looks beautiful, travels around the world pretending to be real

Sorry, maybe I’m not in the topic, but who is it????

Recent Comments (32)

What did you get with that thick, greasy hair? I work in modeling and the hairstyle is awful

I’ve seen her recently. slender and flat

What these stars used to show off their pregnant bellies, and they’re only pregnant for money, is a show

Marius, I want to talk to you privately😟

seriously? Does anyone else watch it? Why are they pulling it off and pretending it’s a cool program? And then there are such delightful “models” – the partnership with a butcher, Dilaga. Wiqdomo where I sleep and where I sleep, but unfortunately it has nothing to do with modeling

All these comments about age and surrogate are just a hammer. Even if her age was above average when she got pregnant, or if she had a surrogate, what would she care? What are the words “let his belly appear”?! People, she doesn’t have to prove anything to you. Can you imagine someone approaching you or your loved one who is pregnant and saying: Show Babolak naked because I can’t believe you are pregnant? I also do not understand how mothers can participate in this campaign. I am pregnant myself (40 weeks, about to give birth), naturally I am skinny and until the 30th week I could not see my stomach, so far people are commenting that I do not look like a straw. And I would never consider giving myself the right to judge whether or not a woman looked normal to me, because that is a matter between her and her doctor. These comments are stressful and unpleasant. You all take care of yourself.

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As I see, and unfortunately, sometimes I hear Tyszka, I get diarrhea 💩

Is it still going? And someone is watching him? 😂

They are already a little older, she’s 49, he’s 53, she’s menopausal. So who are you kidding here?

I am looking for a married man who is ready to have fun with a great girl

Why are they shooting another model?? Can’t do something new and interesting?? Just an empty program with a look?? Best watched on TV is not Prince Charming season 2, no matter boys or girls

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