October 23, 2021

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Marek Magirovsky is a journalist.  He is now the Polish Ambassador to the United States

Marek Magirovsky is a journalist. He is now the Polish Ambassador to the United States

  • Marek Makrovsky did not immediately become a politician. Initially, he was a journalist associated with many important topics
  • He is fluent in eight languages
  • He decided to change his career in 2015 when he joined the Chancellor of the Presidency of Polish President Andrzej Duda.
  • Three years later, he became Polish ambassador to Israel. He said goodbye to his position in the context of corruption caused by the revision of the Code of Administrative Procedure
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Polish radio reporter announced Wednesday Marek Magirovsky Is about to become the new Polish ambassador to the United States. The Polish press agency unofficially reports that US officials have already approved the candidacy. If this happens, Majierovsky will replace Pyotr Wilkzek, who has served five years as ambassador to the Republic of Polio. These reports have not yet been confirmed by the Foreign Ministry.

Before Majrovsky came into politics, he worked in the media for many years. He is an Iberian by education and graduated in 1994 from Adam Mikhevich University in Bosnak. He wrote his master’s dissertation on Camilo Jose Celi, who created the universe. These studies helped him to be fluent in eight languages. Majorsky speaks fluent English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Hebrew and Catalan.

He started his journalism career with the conservative-liberal bi-weekly “Visa Sauce!” Started in, which is related to the real political union. In the meantime, he worked at the “Gessetta Veilkopolska” and later at the Bosnas branch of the “Gessetta Vyborka”. Since 2001 he has been head of the foreign affairs department of “Vyborksa” and later the business department of “Newsweek Polska”. He was also the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of “Rzeczpospolita”.

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From 2013 to 2015, he published his texts in the weekly magazine “To Arce”. He collaborated with Republika TV. In 2015 he switched to politics.

In September 2015, Marek Majierovsky quit his job at “To Russey” and joined the channel of President Andrzej Duda, where he held an expert position in public diplomacy. A few months later, he became the director of the office’s press office.

After less than two years as director, he resigned his post. On May 24, 2017, he became Under Secretary of State for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. One year later he was removed from this, and on June 25, 2018, he became the new Polish Ambassador to Israel. In 2019, the car that was Makierovsky, Arik Lederman attackedThe Polish ambassador is believed to have offended him. The incident is related to ongoing tensions over the law at the National Memorial.

Israel August 14, 2021 Foreign Minister Yair Labyrinth Decided to withdraw Israeli charges from Poland It is recommended that the Polish Ambassador “not temporarily return to the diplomatic post in Tel Aviv.”. There was a diplomatic crisis between Poland and Israel.

A case related to the Administrative Procedure Code amendment is pending. According to its rules, 30 years after the publication of the executive decision, it is impossible to challenge it. In practice, this means a revolution and dealing with the so-called wild re-privatization, which can ensure one’s demands under civil law. At the same time, it closes the way for property recovery for survivors of the Holocaust.

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Two days after the scandal broke out, Makirovsky announced that his wife and children would return to Warsaw.


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