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Marek Perepicko died alone. He predicted his death

Marek Perepicko died alone.  He predicted his death

  • Marek Perebecko wanted to become an architect, but “Polish ladies” persuaded him to study at PWST in Warsaw
  • In May 1972, filming of the series “Janosik” began. The title role gave him immense popularity, but also hindered his career
  • In the 1980s, he emigrated to Australia, where he ran amateur literature and theater clubs. He returned to Poland in 1989.
  • Marek Perebechko died on the night of November 16, 2005 in Czestochova. The cause of death was a heart attack
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Marek Perebicko He did not dream of an acting career. His performance in front of an audience made him nervous. In addition, he was a skinny boy, convinced that he had a heart condition, and received blows from his older and stronger school friends. Thanks to his father, he found himself in a rowing club, became more compact, and then became interested in basketball, judo and bodybuilding. He could have become an athlete, but Think architecture. The “Polish ladies” convinced him to study at the PWST in Warsaw. The beginnings of the career were not easy, he played secondary, and sometimes third roles. In 1972, director Jerzy Bassendorfer hired 30-year-old Marek Perebeczka to star in the series. “Janusik”. It was this production of 13 episodes that gave the actor great popularity and made him an idol for several generations of Poles. At the same time, this curbed his career.

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Photo: Polfilm 1 / East News

Marek Perebechko in the series “Janosik”

Marek Perebecko escapes from the role of thief Janusic

For many years, Marek Perepicko could not free himself from the role of Janusik. He complained a bit that he was labeled and the directors saw him as only an outlaw thief, so he didn’t get any more shows. In the early 80s, the actor emigrated to Australia, where his wife already lives Agnieszka Fitkau-Perepeczko. He confessed in one of the interviews:

He stayed in Australia for four and a half years. Then he returned to Poland. Single. His separation from his wife and the lack of professional performances badly affected the health of the actor, who sought solace in eating. When Agnieszka Fitkau-Perepeczko returned to Poland, her husband already weighed 40 kilograms. And he didn’t look like the handsome Janusik from the cult series.

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Marek Perebecko predicted his death. died alone

In 1997, Marek Perebechko became the theater director in Chistochova and moved to that city. He lost his position in 2003, something he suffered greatly. He avoided the company of friends, ate his sorrows, his health deteriorated, but he categorically refused to visit a doctor and undergo examinations. Screenwriter and director Marek Robach, in an interview with Corriere Lubelski, spoke about the last months of Marek Perebiczka’s life.

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“He was alone. We never talked about it, but I felt it. When the curtain fell and applause rang, He got into his small car and returned to an empty apartment in Czestochova, where he was judged only by himself. This unit was his choice– said Marek Rębacz.

Agnieszka Fitkau-Perepeczko has repeatedly tried to reduce the size of her beloved husband. Unfortunately, all her attempts were unsuccessful.

“This masculine selfishness overpowered himself. Every time I told him to take care of his health, he probably thought I was buzzing his ear. In this regard He will not listen to me. He did me and himself though– The actor’s wife admitted.

At the beginning of November 2005, Marek Perebecko gave an interview in which he predicted:

His words came true 10 days later. On November 16, Marek and Agneska had dinner together. Then the actor drove his wife to ód and returned to his apartment in Chistochova. In the evening, the couple spoke briefly on the phone.

“He said he was asleep and would call me tomorrow. I don’t know why but in the morning I woke up at four and couldn’t sleep. I waited until seven and called Marek. The phone did not answer.– remembered Agnieszka Fitkau-Perepeczko in an interview with “Super Express”.

Marek Perebecko died on the night of November 16-17. The cause of death was a severe heart attack. The actor was 63 years old. He was buried in the family grave at the Powązki Cemetery in Warsaw (Section 141, Row 5, Site 9). On his last trip, he was accompanied by him, among others Iowa WiśniewskaAnd Theresa LipuscaAnd Daniel OlbrychskiAnd Andrzej Kopiczyński I Zbigniew Wodecki. The actor gave a farewell speech Stephen Friedman:

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In 2014, in Częstochowa in al. From the Blessed Virgin Mary, the seat of Marek Perepicka is revealed. Four years later, the actor also had his own street in the center of Czestochova. In 2019, city authorities commemorated Janusic with a mural in an apartment building in Stanisława Staszica 12a, near Teatr im. Adam Mickiewicz, where Perebechko worked as a director for six years.

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