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Marek Zagorsky reveals what the 20 percent of KPO’s budget will go to

Cyfrowe projekty czasu odbudowy. Marek Zagórski ma 4 priorytety

Foreign Minister Marek Zagorsky said that 20 percent. Funds from the National Reconstruction Plan will be earmarked for digitization. In an interview with the portal, he revealed that 13 billion PLN will go to projects supervised by the Prime Minister’s Chancellery. The priorities are: infrastructure, cybersecurity, education, and e-health.

The National Reconstruction Plan is to be a major financial support to the Polish economy.

I’m talking about the amount 770 billion PLN with Reconstruction Fund. In early May we wrote that government and opposition representatives had commented on the subject of the new document.

Marek Zagorsky on the National Reconstruction Plan

Marek Zagorsky, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Government Commissioner for Cybersecurity at the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, stated during the European Economic Conference that In total, in the new perspective, that is, in the framework of the National Reconstruction Plan – in the grant part, in the loan part and in the framework of the Digital Poland program – there will be more than 40 billion PLN of this money. The amount of funds in the loan portion of the National Reconstruction Plan remains volatile. “

On the one hand, this money is still very large, and on the other hand, it may be insufficient, given the number of projects submitted as part of the consultations to KPO for such areas which are really essential.

Marek Zagorsky, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Marek Zagorsky added that from the point of view of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery The main area is to ensure the development of telecommunications infrastructure, primarily broadband. Both optical and wireless fiber technologies, i.e. 5G. But also the IT infrastructure. We will also set aside a lot of money for this.

Management update

Marek Zagorsky emphasized during ECC Online that the area in which the business will continue is in the modernization of management.

Including covering completely new areas with IT solutions and systems for management. Both central and local government administration will need significant resources. The next area is cybersecurity. Another area is the modernization of schools. Also e-health. So there is a lot to spend money on. It is also important to prepare for the next stage in the development of standards in the field of telecommunications, that is, up to 6G – says Marek Zagorsky.

The foreign minister also stressed that mr.The government’s priority is to work on development and projects based on artificial intelligence and the development of high-power computers. These are the activities that we must spend on a lot of money – Adds Marek Zagorsky.

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