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Marguerite armed with a Balenciaga bag for 9000 zlotys while sipping Prosecco with a friend (photos)

Marguerite armed with a Balenciaga bag for 9000 zlotys while sipping Prosecco with a friend (photos)

last week was for Margaret Too hard. First, the singer unleashed a storm with her performance Sopot Festival Summit 2022And then the network was teeming with comments that “It’s fake and it hurts her ears.” The singer tried to make a good face for a bad game, claiming in an interview with Pudelek that “I loved him”However, the audience was harsh.

However, the biggest challenge lies ahead Margaret Only a few days later. Part of the book was published in “Wysokie Obcasy” on Monday cuckolds. The woman who embodies feminism Carolina Solig, in which the star revealed that she was a victim of sexual violence. The shocking event occurred when The artist was only 10 years old.

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Two days after seeing the secret of Małgosia, hidden for years, in the light of day, the paparazzi in the celebrity capital noticed when Was relaxing at a bar with a friend. The red-haired singer wore a loose-fitting printed T-shirt, skinny shorts, tights, and sneakers. The star was equipped with a Balenciaga bag for about 9000 PLN. Engulfed in a discussion with her companion, the 31-year-old was enjoying a glass of Prosecco. When the meeting ended, Jamrozi said goodbye to her friend and left.

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A strange country where rape victims hate and love to socialize, for example Marta K.

Marguerite is wonderful, original, herself. He pretends to be nobody, gets dressed and sings – just as he feels. I like her .

The normal girl loves her boyfriend. I leave her alone.

I really skipped the penultimate photo.

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I was harassed too… Who’s next?

Positive cialopositivity works in only one way.

No Balenciaga shoes for 9000 on the official website 🙂

Janusz, Rissar…

11 minutes ago

It’s such a shame to flaunt a handbag in such difficult times, it’s an embarrassment and embarrassment

Leave this girl alone.

Janusz, Rissar…

13 minutes ago

star what??? 🙂 stars in the sky 🙂

Margaret looked beautiful in blonde. I hope to come back to that color again.

I am a Persian. There are thousands of encounters like Margaret meets a friend every day in the capital’s buildings. That’s why it’s great that the girl, despite her popularity, still behaves naturally, without getting bogged down or hiding like most of those famous faces. note. As if someone is so interested that they are sitting in a coffee shop and talking to someone. Some make themselves bigger stars than they actually are. This is ridiculous.

I have relaxed to the extreme, after all, are 100% the same. As they want, not as others want. respect!

Anorexia, drugs, alcohol and show business … I get the impression that the girl needs help (no malice)

Motorboat rental on Lake Kisajno

Maybe you’re without panties 🙂 And it looks like a Fiat 126 P road set.

Maybe you’re without panties 🙂 And it looks like a Fiat 126 P road set.

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