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Maria Bakulnis celebrates her sixty-fifth birthday.  After the tragedy, he tries to find love

Maria Bakulnis celebrates her sixty-fifth birthday. After the tragedy, he tries to find love

  • “We were shocked. We looked into each other’s eyes, listened to jazz” – says Bakulnis about the first meetings with his beloved
  • Krzysztof Zaleski and Maria Pakulnis shared feelings, and they loved to work, play and dance together. Marriage was a colorful time. Full of love and explosions, because – as the actress says – being together isn’t just a poetic thing
  • “We had two terrible years of leaving together. I was with him the whole time” – this is how Bacolnis remembers one of the most difficult times in his life
  • Recently, the media began to write about the approach of Maria Bacolnis to Jean Friese. They’ve known each other for over 30 years
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Maria Bakulnis Before meeting her husband, director Krzysztof Zaleski, she confessed, She was only in love twice. Her first love was a friend from high school. The actress had a romantic but unfulfilled sense for him, which died when the boy, after graduating from high school, decided to go to the United States forever.

Bakulnis’ second love was the surgeon Bogdan, who … also tried to persuade her to go abroad. This was only the third time she found the right man – director Krzysztof Zaleski, although the beginnings of their love were not easy. They met at the Ateneum Theater in Warsaw, where they worked together, as Maria Bakulnis said in the magazine “Bani”:

Wedding in tight shoes with a bandage on the toe

However, Krzysztof Zaleski was married at the time, and also had a young daughter who was only three years old. Maria Bakulnis did not want to annul his marriage. Both decided to become friends, but fate decided otherwise. Zaleski, a year later, when his marriage began to fail, decided to separate from his wife and moved to live with Maria Pakulnis.

“I remember sitting at night in the little kitchen in the rented flat. We ate bread and cucumbers, drank the hundredth tea, and talked about everything. With him I discovered the world and learned a new life.” – said the actress in the pages of “Życie na hot”.

Three years later, Maria Bakulnis and Krzysztof Zaleski married. The wedding took place in the apartment of actor Adam Ference. “I was a witness at their wedding. Marcia was wearing a beautiful little dress and a hard bandage on her finger. But I don’t remember why,” Kristina Tkach recalled in Bunny magazine.

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Maria Bacolnis came forward to help her solve this mystery, revealing: “A virgin lady came to the theater once a week. I bought meat for a wedding dinner, and I was supposed to prepare myself. A friend took me home with these packages. And when I closed the car door, I pressed my finger pointing out.”

As a qualified nurse (before she went to drama school in Warsaw, she graduated from nursing school) Bakulnis made a professional bandage and bandaged her arm, about which she said: I went to the wedding with a bandageMaria Bacolnis also perfectly remembers her wedding dress that she talked about on ‘Bunny’.

“The dress was plain, Indian, made of cotton. But I was already crazy about shoes, so I made her order. It came out beautiful, but unfortunately it was very tight and uncomfortable. And when we left the office, a contemporary band was standing in front of it and singing slumbering songs ”- admitted the actress.

The marriage of Krzysztof Zaleski to Maria Pakulnis led to many turbulent periods

Three years after their marriage, their son Jean was born. And although Maria Bakulnis always repeats that in her marriage she was the happiest in the world, she does not hide that with Krzysztof they were a “turbulent marriage”.

“We shared feelings, we loved working, playing and dancing together. It was a time full of colour. Full of love and explosions, because being together isn’t just a fantasy. Our house was a little crazy and artistic but alive. We were like an Italian family. We always support each other. For better or worse, the actress says.

At the same time, she can count on her husband in both private and professional matters. Krzysztof Zaleski spoke of his wifeShe needs unconditional acceptance, and that can be difficult.”. Maria Bacolnis confessed.Krzysztof had great sensitivity to others, strong personality, unchanging views نظر about life and work. Such people are rarely found.

Krzysztof Zaleski directed several plays in which the actress played, including. “The Wedding” by Gombrovich, “The Tempest” by Shakespeare, “Little Apocalypse” by Konwicki, “The Threepenny Opera” by Brecht or “Dresser” by Harwood. They only played together once in the movie, Performance in “Konsul” by Miroslav Borik. But they shot together…just one scene.

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“They were both in the process of shooting for other productions and we shot the rest of the scenes first with Marysia and then with Krzysztof. They were only together after the painting was assembled. It’s hard to believe that despite so many years of professional and life community, the scene in “Konsul” is the only common scene in the film ever” – mentioned director Mirosław Bork in “Pani”.

Maria Bakulnis lost her joy in life after the death of her husband

Despite their successful marriage of 27 years, It was not without crises. They seriously survived when The director was attracted to another actress, Joanna Trzybiceska, and had a stormy romance with her.. He finally returned to his wife. Unfortunately, it turned out in 2006 that Zaleski had brain cancer.

We’ve had a terrible two years of leaving together. I was with him the whole timeShe recalls one of the most difficult periods of her actress life. Krzysztof Zaleski died in 2008 at the age of 60. Maria Bakulnis left the joy of life.

“Communication with such an intellectual, with an artist like Krzysiek was … he was a gentleman” – she recalls her husband and admits that it was her love at first sight. “The last time, we both realized we were so close and devoted our whole lives to it.” – The actress said about “Styl.pl”.

Cooking and… a new love?

Maria Bakulnis thinks she and Krzysztof Zaleski paid a heavy price.

It was just before his final exams. In fact, since the first grade of high school, he lived with the knowledge that his father was terminally ill because doctors diagnosed a brain tumor.. They were very closely related, shared a lot of feelings, “- she said.

He knows that the son survived his father’s death terribly. But she believes that her husband has been able to pass on important values ​​to his son regarding relationships with another human being, respect and listening skills, and Janek has these qualities. “I taught him how to be resourceful, because, for example, he can cook very well. I guess I didn’t make him a mother.” – added the actress.

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Cooking has always been the great passion of Maria Bacolnis. In 2017, she published a book in which she described the flavors of Italian, Silesian and Masoretic cuisine. “Kitchen Scenes” was created in collaboration with celebrity chef Janusz Mizera. For some time, the actress was especially attached to him. Recently, the media began to write about the fact that Maria Bacolnis gets close to Jean Fries. They have known each other for more than 30 years. More than once they had the opportunity to meet on stage. They played, among other things, marriage in the play “Victoria”, which was broadcast on the television theater. And recently they met on the set of the filming of the series “Osiecka”. Pakulnis and Frycz certainly have a special affection for each other.

Pakulnis saysI’m learning to be happy. I rejoice after meeting my son and my friends. When I feel sad, I tell myself: You have a wonderful son, good health, a job you love, and your favorite garden in front of the house. I try to look at myself from the side to see if I’m really going in the right direction. Every day I check my conscience so that I do not regret anything in my life.”

The actress also adds that she would like to be loved “Right, without pretending or fighting. I try to be optimistic about the future. I want to believe that all the best is still ahead of me.”


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