October 19, 2021

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Mariana Schreiber has dropped out of Top Model.  The end of the adventure of the minister's wife

Mariana Schreiber has dropped out of Top Model. The end of the adventure of the minister’s wife

The next installment of the program focused on castings and the first photo sessions. Mariana Schreiber presented herself in one of the groups.

These people don’t judge me like the minister’s wife. They met me as Mariana Schreiber and I am their living woman. Sometimes a few days are enough to achieve something. I do not mean such visible accomplishments, but rather those made for yourself. I’ve had some of those accomplishments here – said the ambitious model during the programme.

At the end of the episode, the last fourteen were chosen, with no place for Schreiber.

Mariana Schreiber: I myself am a rudder, a sailor, and a ship

– I can only say that there are many issues in the politics of the ruling party that I do not agree with – I recently told Entrea Schreiber.

When asked if she was afraid that her TVN participation would harm her husband, she replied, “Anything I don’t do and don’t do might hurt my husband. From the way I dress to how I dress. When I say especially if it’s something that goes against style.” “This is a great test of survival for us,” she rated.

famous wife Policies She was asked about her voting preferences. But she did not give a specific answer to whom to vote in the elections. But she pointed out that “there are many issues in the politics of the ruling party that I do not agree with.”

– I myself rudder, seas and ship. My husband doesn’t have Instagram so he doesn’t follow everything I post there. I don’t think anything will surprise him anymore. I definitely wouldn’t be rude to him. I love it so much and I don’t want to release it. We are together, we have a daughter. She said we swore to each other in church.

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Mariana Schreiber said of her nude photos that she wants to draw attention to the problem of women’s self-acceptance.

“I don’t have LGBT issues”

The woman in an interview with Interia also raised her own issues Controversial Instagram post about the LGBT community. – That’s a bad word. The problem was that no journalist was interested in what it really was. I didn’t get a chance to explain it then. – I was asked to delete everything. I’ve done that too. Soon, I realized that everything had to be described and told. – I have no LGBT problems. It annoys me when someone tries to force me to do something. I think it’s the same with the others. She added that you can’t make anyone think a certain way.

According to Mariana Schreiber, her social media activism is to break the boundaries of taboos. – I mentioned an episode with a woman that happened a long time ago. Everyone has the right to find their own way and find what suits them. She said that if there are taboos that we are afraid of, we are closed off to what the world brings.

Marianna Schreiber, wife of Minister ukasz Schreiber of PiS, has volunteered for the famous Top Model. As I confessed in the vision – I did it without his knowledge. This fact unexpectedly attracted the attention of many people who commented on her decision. When asked about this, she explained that her request for the show conflicts with the husband’s view of the family portrait. Despite the disagreement, the woman wants to become a model and decides to try her hand. Schreiber himself did not want to comment on his wife’s words.

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Who is ukasz Schreiber? “Little Prime Minister”

Łukasz Schreiber is a Member of Parliament for the Law and Justice Party and a minister in the government of Mateusz Morawiecki. He is 34 years old, from Bydgoszcz and is the son of another politician, Grzegorz Schreiber.

Schreiber Jr. is considered one of the prime minister’s closest confidants. He is the Chairman of the Permanent Committee of the Council of Ministers, the Secretary of the Council of Ministers, and the Head of the Government Action Programming Team. For this reason, he is referred to as the “little prime minister” who is responsible for the laws that the government deals with.

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