October 19, 2021

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Mariana Schreiber poses with her husband.  “It is difficult to determine which of us is drowning” (photo)

Mariana Schreiber poses with her husband. “It is difficult to determine which of us is drowning” (photo)

NS Mariani Schreiber Voices rose when the minister’s wife in the Law and Justice government decided to try her hand “best model”. Aspiring celebrities who wanted to break out of the shadow of a political husband did not eventually get into the House of Models. However, a short participation in the TVN program allowed her to appear in the media and collect more than 16,000 followers on Instagram.

Mariana Schreiber She herself admitted that she was aware that this performance could harm the political career of her husband Łukasz. She also admitted that applying to the TVN program, which the politician was not supposed to know, had a negative impact on their marriage.

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According to her Instagram, the minister’s wife made her first appearance on TVN oI looked alone at the hotel. And when she started building her own online community, she showed up in her daily online relationships alone or with a child.


when Mariana Schreiber Finally she posted a picture with her husband, it was a picture before sharing it with him Top Model. Now, however, the supermodel has praised the current photo, which she may have taken while staying with the baby in the Uniejów thermal baths. Mariana was very nostalgic, because she provided the photos with a fragment of the song … “Stay” by Rihanna, translated into Polish. One of the lines is: It is difficult to determine which of us is drowning …

He doesn’t even look at you… Where’s the love…? Poor, he’s tired of your stupid teenage tantrums… he needs a mature, stable woman… – Comments of an Internet user.

I can see that you know my husband better than me Schreiber is back!.


I don’t know why, maybe I’m wrong, but in the photos my husband looks as if someone forced him to take a picture that he absolutely does not want … – Another person adds.

Someone wrote above that in every photo your husband seems compelled to take a picture of him. I laughed out loud. Had to see my husband in the pictures. And our lives are less, please forgive me stranger – The fan defended the defense Marcia.

Do you expect Mariana to be a fan of Rihanna?


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