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Mariana Schreiber sparked controversy with a photo with her daughter. No panties?

Mariana Schreiber sparked controversy with a photo with her daughter.  No panties?

Mariana Schreiber is the wife of Lukasz Schreiber, who has been a minister and cabinet member in Mateusz Morawiecki’s second government since 2019. During the broadcast of the first episode of the tenth season “Top Model” it turned out that the woman secretly entered the program from her husband. Since then Mariana Schreiber She became an important part of the local show business and there are many indications that she has settled there forever.

The sudden presence of Mariana Schreiber in the show business is causing interest and controversy. Some people think that a woman makes her husband silly because of her internet activity and bold pictures. Others don’t understand her need to be naked and show her body online. However, she does not intend to worry about the opinion of others and constantly strives to achieve her goals.

Recently, Mariana Schreiber surprised her fans again on Instagram. Her latest photo, which she poses with her daughter, caused the admiration and scandal of some Internet users. The shot with the daughter was released by the woman with a description of her diet.

“With all this racing, especially the fast paced time, I don’t always get the opportunity to follow 5 meals a day with my diet. This is very important to me because I try to stay fit and take care of my health. How many times have I not had time to eat during day and I ended up with three cups of coffee and a sandwich (who had that too?).The child is the most important to me, and the preparation of dishes for her always comes first. There are more and more responsibilities, and I do not like to waste what I have developed, for this reason, from Today, maintaining a diet of 2000 calories per day helps me … ”- Mariana wrote on Instagram.

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