July 28, 2021

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Marila Rudovic has a lover!  Great news from the Weekly!

Marila Rudovic has a lover! Great news from the Weekly!

Marila Rudovich and Andrei Dozhinsky have been in a court battle for almost three years and still cannot get a divorce.

Of course, the spouses primarily argue about their fortune. The singer did not agree to the initial arrangements and demanded, inter alia, participation in her husband’s companies, which the man refuses to accept.

However, it seemed that they were so tired of the constant fighting that they would manage to finish it.

And the tabloids say that the verdict will be issued in the next session. As reported by “Na Żywo”, Maryla plans to celebrate this moment in a unique way…

“She intends to enjoy the life of a single girl as soon as possible. Marella has accepted the invitation of her old friend Helena Vondrakova and will visit her in the Czech Republic. Helena understands what Marella has been through recently, because she also went through a painful divorce behind her. She believes that her friend will still find the right partner, because, as She says herself, “It’s never too late for love. And the occasion will be perfect” – he tells Weekly.

It turns out that Rodowicz renewed contact with her ex-lover and it became really dangerous …

I’m talking about František Janicek (76), who has been her great love for years…

“That was her first serious and deep feeling. Almost half a century ago, before she got star status. Rudovich, across our southern border, opened the performances of the popular band The Rebels, with whom they traveled all over Czechoslovakia. Frantisek was the guardian of the group ” – We read a week.

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“Against the background of all the directors I’ve worked with, Franek remains unbeatable. He knew how to innovate, be a true producer, lead an artist, and show him the way” – praised Rodowicz.

It was no secret that the Polish star fell into a passionate romance with a handsome Czech. It was so serious that she introduced her beloved mother, who blessed their relationship.

Marella moved to Prague for a while, but financial problems effectively destroyed their relationship.

We read: “The lack of stability and a bit of its own space became more and more stressful. Finances were still fragile.”

Then “Małgośka” appeared in Poland, which was a huge success and made Maryla a star. The singer had to make a difficult decision and chose a profession, although her lover begged her to stay with him in the Czech Republic.

“I left with two bags,” she recalls. “I had nowhere to live in Warsaw.”
However, soon Daniel Olbrichki stood in her way and Marella forgot her Czech lover …

According to “Na Żywo”, Frantisek recently broke up with his partner, who is 30 years younger than him, whom he left for another. So the guy totally understands what Mariella is going through.

That is why he decided to renew contact with her …

“He called me and asked me to give him my husband’s number. I asked: Why? And he said: I will talk to him, and tell him to settle down. Why drag yourself in the courts?” Rudovic.

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This gesture so captivated the Czech Marella that she decided to thank him personally. They already have an appointment in Prague and who knows what will happen …

“They have a chance to renew their old feelings, and the heat of their feelings may light them up again” – suggests friend Marella.

So we keep our fingers crossed!