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Marina Łuczenko-Szczêsna with her mother. They looked alike. wow! “I can’t see the difference”

Marina Łuczenko-Szczêsna with her mother.  They looked alike.  wow!  "I can't see the difference"

Marina Łuczenko-Szczęsna I’ve been showing my mother on the web from time to time, but until recently my parents have been much brighter Poetry. Now that they are in the color of the singer’s strands, you can see an even greater similarity between them. “And we are 30 years apart” – summed up the artist.

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Marina Łuczenko-Szczęsna with her mother. Both are painted and equally beautiful

A recording previously made appeared on the Instagram of Marina Łuczenko-Szczęsna Mirror. They showed my mother the effects Make-upgiven by the girl to her mother. The bright eyelid, dark lip gloss, luminous cheeks and thin line are striking.

My mom drew on myself a little bit like this. See, 30 years difference. I hope to look like my mother, said Marina.

It is not surprising that Marina would like to look like a mother at the age of 63. She is a beautiful woman, very similar to the singer, which is only confirmed by the comments of netizens:

Oh shit… very very similar.


Beautiful mother! We already know who the genes are yet.

You hardly see any difference. Beautiful mother – they wrote them.

Marina also published a poll in which she asked fans about her resemblance to her mother. Up to 98 percent said they were nearly identical.

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Marina had already shown her mother and praised her slender figure. Then, however Alla Łuczenko had blonde hair and more natural makeupThat is why the similarity was not so bright. You can find more photos of these two in our gallery at the top of the page.

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