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Mariupol authorities: More than 10,000 people may die by the end of the year. Persons. “An epidemic threatens us” | world News

Mariupol authorities: More than 10,000 people may die by the end of the year.  Persons.  "An epidemic threatens us" |  world News

Mariupol City Council announced on Wednesday that “by the end of the year, more than 10,000 people may die from diseases and intolerable conditions in Mariupol. Currently, the city has a population of 150,000 to 170,000.”

– The occupiers have turned Mariupol into a medieval ghetto, so this will also be the death rate. without drugs And medical care, restoring the operation of the water supply and proper sewage system in the city, an explosion occurs Epidemic – Commented Mayor of the city Vadim Boychenko.

He added that most of the people currently residing in the city are elderly and sick.

Without the right conditions, deaths among vulnerable groups will increase dramatically. Some residents of Mariupol from neighboring villages returned to the city, because due to the strict filtering system they are not allowed to enter the free territory of Ukraine. The Russians continue the genocide that began on February 24. Our people are in grave danger. Boychenko stressed that this is the reason why the city must be completely evacuated.

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The war in Ukraine

In the last hours, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced that the Russian forces were continuing their offensive in the east of the country. Its goal is full control of the Donetsk, Luhansk and Kherson provinces and the creation of a corridor connecting eastern Ukraine with occupied Crimea.

According to the data of the Ukrainian army, the greatest activity of Russian troops was recorded in the vicinity of Donetsk and Kharkiv. There are large groups of the Russian army operating there to repel a counterattack by the Ukrainian forces. During the last 24 hours in the building Donetsk region Lugansk army Ukrainian tanks destroyed twelve tanks, four artillery systems, nineteen armored units, seven cars and two engineering units of the enemy.

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A serious clash took place in the Izyum district of the Kharkiv region, while in the Donetsk region, Russian troops are still trying to take control of the towns of Robyzhny and Sferodonetsk.

The General Staff also reported that the defense of the Azowstal plant – the last stronghold of the Mariupol defenders in eastern Ukraine was still going on. Russian forces continue missile and artillery bombardment there. The ruins where Ukrainian soldiers and civilians have sought refuge are also regularly bombed.

The Russians are also bombing Ukrainian positions in the vicinity of Mykolaiv in the south of the country, and many other cities come under almost constant artillery and missile fire. This makes it more difficult to evacuate civilians and the wounded from the war zone.

The situation on the Ukrainian-Moldovan border remains tense, as Russian units are stationed in Transnistria on full combat alert.


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