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Marius Dmochovsky could not live without his beloved wife

Marius Dmochovsky could not live without his beloved wife

  • He was about to become an opera singer, but frequent throat diseases forced him to change his plans. He chose to study at theater school
  • He started his acting career on stage. Recognition and popularity brought him roles in films and serials
  • During his studies at PWST, Mariusz Dmochovsky met with Alexandra Krausek. She became his second wife. They had a daughter, Elizabeth
  • For many years he belonged to the Polish United Workers Party. He gave his party card to protest the application of martial law
  • August 7 marks 30 years since the death of Marius Dmochovsky
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Marius Dmochovsky He didn’t need a leadership role to be remembered by the public. It was said that with his stature and voice, he was made to play tyrannical heroes. Admire this one of the greatest Polish people actors To this day they remember his creations King Augustus II the Strong In “Countess Cosel” JerseyAnd the Stanislav Wukolsky in “Lalka” Wojciech Jerzy Haas And the Jan Sobieskiwho has starred in four productions: films Mr. Wołodyjowski And “The Queen’s Father” and the series “The Adventures of Mr. Michaeli” I “dark clouds”.

“Most of my roles were Heroes are mentally complex, difficult and have complexes. I always tried to get to their motives Decipher the reasons why they are like this ”- explained Marius Dmochovsky. He understood his characters, because he also had problems with himself. He distrusted him, shunned people, and was considered a difficult man in the environment. For many years he struggled with it alcoholism. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the death of Marius Dmochovsky, we would like to remind you of lesser known facts from life the actor.

Photo: Eugeniusz Wołoszczuk / PAP

Marius Dmochovsky as Stanislav Wokolsky in “Lalka” (1968)

emergency life plan

Marius Dmochovsky He was born on October 29, 1930 in Piotrków Trybunalski. He did not dream of an acting career. for you Connecting the future with music. He said in an interview with the weekly “Akran”:

He was convinced of that You will become an opera singer. Health problems frustrated his plans. He said, “Soon Sore throat and bronchitis started. I realized that with these illnesses, singing might not be the best.” So he had to come up with a backup plan for his life.

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Marius Dmochovsky entered the theater school in Warsaw without any problems. When, as a student, he forgot to prepare a poem for Mickiewicz, from his lecture, which was Czeslav Uchkohe heard:

to reply:

In the 80s, they performed together on stage in Warsaw contemporary theater In the famous play “Dinner for Four Hands” about the meeting of Handel and Bach. The first was played by Wołłąko, the second – Dmochowski, who never regretted his decision to choose a profession. He also made no secret that working in the theater gave him greater professional satisfaction.

“The theater is my workshop, I am not only an artist here, but I also feel joint responsibility for the entire performance and for everything that happens in the theater. In the film, I am only interested in the role assigned to me, I can play it as best I can, but the final artistic expression depends on the director anyway,” he explained in an interview with “Magazyn Filmowy.”

Marius Dmochovsky and Teresa Lipusca in Art "Bachelor's Club" (Theater Noe, Warsaw, 1982)

Photo: NAC / National Digital Archive

Mariusz Dmochowski and Teresa Lebowska in the play “The Cavaliers Club” (Theater Noi, Warsaw, 1982)

Harassment for handing him his party card

Regulars in bars on Puławska Street, where the Nowy Theater was located in Warsaw, where Mariusz Dmochowski was the director (from 1975), mentioned that Before work, the actor encountered in “Fast Hundred”. He usually drank aloneAnd when he sometimes found an audience, he would tell him about his life. for example Krzysztof Kowalewski revealed that When he was 16 years old, he worked in a slaughterhouse and there he learned to drink alcohol. Before the illegal banquet at which every employee had to drink a liter of vodka, The foreman gave Dmochowski a mixture of … blood, tobacco and liquid lard. It worked effectively. The future actor had no problem drinking a liter of vodka.

For many years Marius Dmochovsky belonged to United Polish Workers’ Party. He was an active activist, a two-term deputy, and a delegate to the Sixth Congress of the Polish United Workers Party. He was also a member of the Polish-Soviet Friendship Society. Received medals for the 30th Anniversary PRL For contributions to the defense of the country. His political participation did not arouse the sympathy of the acting community.

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Marius Dmochovsky (1978)

Photo: NAC / National Digital Archive

Marius Dmochovsky (1978)

August 1980 أحداث events A change in the views of Marius Dmochovsky began. The actor participates in the action symbiosisAn underground printer was working on his plot of land near Warsaw at Bobo on the Bug River. After moving martial law – in a protest gesture – he handed the party card, Because of him he was stripped of the post of new theater director, harassed with searches and assaults in the press. as Jersey UrbanWriting under the pseudonym Klakson, the sudden change in Dmochowski’s beliefs was not the result of an internal penetration, but … opportunism.

He could not live without his beloved wife. Died four months after her death

Marius Dmochovsky made no secret of his weakness for women. his first youth marriage is over divorceWhen he met in drama school Alexandra Krausek. The girl, who was one year older than her, was born in Cieszyn Silesia, studied English for the first time University of Warsaw He began working in the Ministry of Foreign Trade. Then she realized she wanted to be an actress. She passed the PWST exams and in the school corridor caught the attention of Dmochowski. She became his second wife and, as time has shown, his beloved wife. after, after wedding She used her husband’s family name.

Marius Dmochovsky and Alexandra Dmochovska in the movie "truth to face" (1970)

Photo: Film Archive / Forum Agency / Forum

Marius Dmochovsky and Alexandra Dmochovska in “The Truth in the Eyes” (1970)

At first, the acting friends of the spouses did not give much opportunity to their relationship. reason? The couple was very different from each other. Mrs. Alexandra was sociable and extroverted, Mr. Marius – introverted, mistrustful. However, the dark scenario did not materialize.

“We were never bored with each other. I accepted Marius as he was. “We shared feelings and opinions about life,” Alexandra Demochovska said in an interview.

When he appeared to them in the world Elizabeth’s daughterMarius Dmochovsky admitted: “Before, it seemed to me that the most important thing was work and success. Then suddenly It turned out that the daughter was the most important. Everything has been re-evaluated.”

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Alexandra, an actress of the Polish theater, was mainly interested in home and raising a child. She also supported her husband, who – as he loudly admitted – was very sensitive to women’s charms. Much has been attributed to Mr. Marius romances. It was said One of the mistresses urged the actor to abandon his wife. However, he vehemently refused, Emphasizing that Alexandra is the love of his life. He was always conservative so as not to give his wife reasons for jealousy.

At the end of the eighties, Alexandra Demochovska was diagnosed with an infection tumor disease. Her husband took care of her and supported her in the fight.

“I’ve never seen an eye like this on him when he looked at her. Fear and anxiety ignited for her such immense tenderness and love in the eyes of the unbearable big man.“She felt the heat in the room,” she said. Zofia Kucówna In his book “Zdarzenia collodnie”.

Alexandra died on April 2, 1992. Marius Dmochovsky tried to act, but did not find himself, even in the theater. He drank a lot and was having more and more heart problems. He died on August 7, 1992 in his favorite scheme in Popowo, four months after the death of his beloved wife. The last film in which he appeared (Polish-Hungarian production “Goodbye Yesterday. Two short comedy films about regime change”) was released in 1993.

Marius Dmochovsky in the movie "Goodbye yesterday.  Two short comedies about regime change"

Photo: Renata Bagschel/East News

Marius Dmochovsky in the film “Goodbye yesterday. Two short comedies about regime change”

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