October 23, 2021

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Marius Totuscu has moved abroad.  He risked everything he had.  "In Poland I always felt my breath on my back"

Marius Totuscu has moved abroad. He risked everything he had. “In Poland I always felt my breath on my back”

Marius Totosko He put it all in one card and gave up his life in Poland last year. He went to southern Spain, where his partner and daughter were waiting for him. The pandemic caused the family to make a risky decision – to leave their homeland and live in Andalusia for good. Now the singer can not imagine returning to Poland.

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Marius Totusko moved from Poland. He and his partner started from scratch

The decision to leave was not that easy. At the end of January 2020, they went to Spain Justina Tomańska, the singer’s partner and their child Zosia. The mother and daughter were scheduled to spend some time together on vacation and “wait”. winterShortly after their arrival in the Costa del Sol, the coronavirus epidemic was declared. As a result, the airports were closed and the airports were closed. Marius Totosca’s partner once lived in Spain for several years and wrote a book about it. The reaction was told in an interview with the portal Edziecko.pl.

He didn’t talk to me the first day. He doesn’t think so. I let him cool down. I called after a few days to calmly explain: “I have been praying for this Spain for a long time, you see, my prayers have been answered. Let’s start from scratch. We both have no work now. Are we in Poland? Or here? – Justina Tomieska said in an interview. –

However, leaving Poland for Marius Totoska was not easy. The prolonged shutdown means he only joined his partner and daughter in June of last year. He put his belongings in a truck and came to Spain with a driver friend.

It was worth changing your life and your place in the world – Marius Totoscu wrote on Instagram.

The singer did not give in to music and from time to time conducts an intimate concert. Over time, he began to notice more and more advantages of living in the south of Spain.

For some time now, she has been walking with Justynka on clothing lines. In Poland I always feel my breath on my back, when someone watches me and tells you that Totosko is poor and can’t afford new expenses. What if someone meets me in the trash while I pull out an almost new, pretty, white leather chair? This would likely amount to murder. Here in Spain I approach life differently and I thank you every day for being able to live here and despite many difficulties, I am much better – he said.

The musician’s Instagram account features beautiful snapshots of where he lives.

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Marius Totosko gained the most popularity when he appeared in the second version of “Idol”, where he took second place, behind Krzysztof Zalowsky. Later, he was a participant in the first version of “Your Face Looks Familiar.” He was also the singer and leader of the disbanded band Volver in 2014. He played in it Series “the first love”.