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Marta Manowska in a pink bikini sunbathing on a palm tree quotes Mata (photos)

Marta Manowska in a pink bikini sunbathing on a palm tree quotes Mata (photos)

According to the fall schedule, TVP broadcasts the latest releases of popular reality shows “The farmer is looking for a wife” if “Love Sanatorium”. However, the shooting of these programs is long overdue. their leader Marta Manuska So I went on a well-deserved vacation. for several days TVP . presenter He shares with fans the strange scenes of Dominican Republic.

Marta Manuska Years ago, he has been gaining sympathy from viewers TVP. Although she has often entered the intimate world of her show’s heroes, she has a reputation for being sensitive and sympathetic. She is also curious about the idea of ​​selling her private life.

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Manovska Reluctantly giving interviews about her love life (only officially it is known that she is a “happiness lover”), she loves to share photos from trips and participate in social matters.

Relax in the Dominican Republic Manovska Show fans what her vacation looks like. A celebrity wakes up before sunrise to be able to run barefoot on the beach at six in the morning. During the day, the TVP star finds time to walk around and read. The photos show the host of the show in a pink bikini suit. Manovska Leaning on a palm tree and showing its magic.


By the way, celebrities share with netizens noteworthy excerpts from the books he reads and the songs he listened to – including one of Matt’s tracks.

Did you expect Manowska to be a fan of Polish rap?


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