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Marta Manowska on vacation with the brother of the participant in “The Farmer Looking for a Wife”? Netizens are sure and show evidence

Marta Manowska on vacation with the brother of the participant in "The Farmer Looking for a Wife"?  Netizens are sure and show evidence

You can read more about the program “Farmer looking for a wife” on the portal

Marta Manuska Runs the program “The farmer is looking for a wife” Continuously since 2014. The smiling blonde has already gained a spot stars TVP. Manovska He does not hide that he is very close to the participants in the program, and they also appeared years ago gossip About the main romance with ukasz Siebers from the third edition of the dating show.

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Marta Baszkin is preparing for the move. “I am tired a bit”

“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Marta Manowska flew to Mexico with her lover? He is the brother of a popular farmer

Now we are talking about another report, the origins of which go back to the seventh edition of the program. Fans have tracked that Manovska, who is currently on vacation, posts photos and videos from the same places that Pawe Bodzani’s brother visited. Internet users do not even suspect that the spouses spend their vacation together.

Marta Manowska, Robert Bodzani martamanowska, @jaba0909

This place is trendy, I can see another person there today – we read in Manowska’s post. As the netizen pointed out in the comment to Robert Bodzani,

Although there were more similar comments under “The farmer is looking for a wife,” they were quickly removed. Could someone want to silence speculation about an affair?

“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Bowie’s brother tried his luck with a beautiful filter

Robert Bodzani began to meet Natalia during the shooting, which his brother refused when he felt that he only cared about Marta. Not much is known about this relationship, but it was confirmed by Pawe during the seventh edition of the show.

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If the rumors are true, we wish Robert and Marta lots of love!

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