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Marta, Racho and her sweetheart in changing kisses suits on the wall: “LOVE IS LOVE” (photo)

Marta, Racho and her sweetheart in changing kisses suits on the wall: "LOVE IS LOVE" (photo)

A few weeks ago, a year passed when Marta and Racho out publicly. Since then, with his partner Iona Widmowska They have shown a joint life on social media, and have also frequently participated in acts for the LGBT+ community.

Marta and Racho at the Equality Crown 2022

Taking into account the actions of both women, which are aimed at combating homophobia and stigmatizing heterosexual people, it seems only natural that they would take part in the event. Equality crowns 2022. Marta and Racho And her lover appeared at the party because of her nomination of the journalist who fought with her Pewter Jaco And Justina Suchica For an award in the “Media” category.

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Marta Warsaw kissed her lover on the wall

During the ceremony, the stars willingly appeared on the traditional wall and it was no different in the case of Marta and her lover. The ladies formed together against the background of the banners Campaign against homophobia The sensitivity was exchanged in front of the lens. At the party, both appeared in women’s suits with their beloved, but chose different colors for themselves. After the incident, the photo was posted on the journalist’s Instagram website, where she also wrote a few words.

The journalist also dedicated a portion of the entry to her fiancée, who thanked her for her support.

Thanks Iona! You know that without you I wouldn’t be #love, and worse, we wouldn’t be #love – summed up.

Did they look beautiful together?

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I’m back at work today after motherhood and I don’t know what’s going on, and my boyfriend doesn’t want to give me back the papers she took for me. She’s afraid the president will take the allowances she got for me.

Polish fishermen…

54 minutes ago

Better write about the Tefalin weather girl who rents out her villas near Warsaw for an orgy.

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A strange tendency to flaunt sexual orientation. And some accomplishments, I honestly haven’t read anything else about this lady, but she’s LGBT.

Red love has nothing to do with equality…

Write about someone’s merits, not someone you hang out with under the covers. I gave it to my neighbor yesterday. and what? Will there be news, too? It gives everyone a reason to award prizes and write articles.

This is the normal situation today?

who cares? What do we care about in relationships with a TV lady who can’t even be recognized?

When will you show who has a broken leg today?

Why would you declare yourself a mentally disordered person? Don’t listen to it and no one cares

My fiancé’s mother is waiting for a cervical cancer diagnosis…please keep your fingers crossed so she’s fine 💔

Let them be lesbians, what’s the difference, but they don’t have to brag about it.

How do they do it because men know what to pay

gross !!! She is a sick woman from the massacre of a woman

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