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Marta Umoda Trzebyatovska recalls the beginnings of her relationship with her husband: “He thought I was not badly reliable”

Marta Umoda Trzebyatovska recalls the beginnings of her relationship with her husband: “He thought I was not badly reliable”

Marta Umoda Trzebyatoska He belongs to the group of celebrities who avoid sharing information about their private lives. The actress has been a wife since 2015 Camila Cola, With whom she bore two children. 38 years every day Protect children’s privacy carefully and do not post their pictures on social media. However, fame sometimes allows itself to openly think about motherhood.

Marta Umoda Trzebyatoska He rarely talks about a seven-year marriage With full cola. Although the actors sometimes appear together in salons, unlike other famous couples, they try instead Keep your relationship out of the media Avoid joint interviews or color magazine covers. A few months ago, there were reports in the media about an alleged crisis in the marriage of actors. Żmuda Trzebiatowska She strongly denied the rumors at the time, Ensure her marriage is okay.

Recently, Marta Umoda Trzypatowska appeared on the program “The Best Weekend” on Radio Złote Przeboje. in conversation with Odetta Moro The actress unexpectedly decided to reveal some details of her relationship with Kamel Kula and told her about it How did she meet her lover? It turned out that the beginning of the relationship of the actors was riddled with bumps. As Żmuda Trzebiatowska admitted, she and Kola introduced themselves several times, and the actress herself She had trouble remembering her future husband.

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In an interview with Moreau, Umoda Trzypatovska admitted that Kamel Kola perfectly remembers all the meetings with his wife at the beginning of their relationship. Not only that, but one of them was recorded by television cameras – the future spouses played together in the series and in the same scene. Unfortunately, Żmuda Trzebiatowska She completely does not remember the cooperation with her beloved. As she revealed on “The Best Weekend,” she later focused on working with a four-legged screen partner.

He could prove to me all the previous three times, I can’t deny that. In fact, one was recorded, because we played together on the series in one episode, in one scene! Just because I was playing with the dog, and I was so focused to get that dog, and he was passing by in there somewhere. I don’t remember him being in that scene either. He is very upset and angry about it. This is the story of falling in love at first sight She said in a conversation with Moreau.

Did you expect that this was the beginning of the relationship between Marta Umoda Trzypatowska and Kamil Kola?

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she is beautiful. The most beautiful Polish actress. And the difference between 5 years can not be seen at all. adorable couple

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Poodle, give me, give me the sun, what for the warm ray. Give your heart a warm lalalala. Give me the sun ha ha ha give me the sun ha ha ha.

Working on a set for good and bad also do not remember? Who corrupted who he or she is his property? XD Likewise, ak probably doesn’t remember how his wife found herself in Miodowe lata and how it happened that she replaced the ex-actress who played his wife so much better than XD Ah that Polish cinema and that was accidental to herself. Actors, their children, their wives, lovers in several productions in a row

Because you make an impression even in photos 🙂

She looked beautiful in dark hair, blonde doesn’t suit her

Both are very beautiful unfortunately, nothing interesting in terms of acting. Shit series for life

Instead, I think she’s well known in show business and you’ll write about her a lot in its context

But what kind of fall in love at first sight? They didn’t care at first, so what do you do? It imposes a reality that is not colorful

Their history touched me

The most beautiful Polish actress!

Both are beautiful. like siblings

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