September 21, 2021

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"Masaka".  With this phrase, the Japanese summed up the sensational defeat of Naomi Osaka

“Masaka”. With this phrase, the Japanese summed up the sensational defeat of Naomi Osaka

This is the biggest sensation of the tennis tournament in the Tokyo Olympics. On Tuesday, Naomi Osaka dramatically lost 1:6, 4:6 to Czech Markt Vondrosov and was knocked out in the second round.. – We were counting on a fresh start. Her, ours, all tennis. Naomi Osaka was supposed to wake up, or rather to find herself at home, she would have left behind difficult months. It is she who lights the Olympic torch and officially opens the Games. But the fall was painful – wrote the French Eurosport, noting, inter alia, a very large number of non-forced errors (32). – Japan She lost her star and does not know what the consequences of this failure will be.

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She dreamed of a medal at the Olympics, and was eliminated in 1/8 of the finals. “Insurmountable obstacle”

Osaka’s most photographed failure

For a brief moment, in the middle of the second set, which turned out to be the most graphic failure of the year, Naomi Osaka She may be able to rise, as she has shown many times in her career. She defended a few matches, but soon after two of her many failed attacks, the game and her dream of winning the Olympics ended. Gods It’s over, the Guardian wrote, noting that the enormous pressure associated with the Tokyo Olympics certainly didn’t help him. – I was asked during the conference how I felt. There were tears in the 23-year-old’s eyes, and she couldn’t answer. You made the Olympics a whole year, and now it’s over, add the British Diary He writes that there are unknown plans for Osaka, who does not know when she will set out again.

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Iga witek is playing in the Olympics! This plan for the Poles begins on Wednesday, July 28

Osaka lights a candle OlympicBut her dreams faded very soon after Market Vondrousov failed in just over an hour. A combination of errors and involuntary frustration led to 1:6, 4:6 failures of the world’s 42 rockets, according to ESPN. – Everything went wrong. If someone was watching the match, they must have seen it. The stakeholder herself said I feel many things have gone wrong. Every failure hurts, but this one is more than the others. I know my expectations were much higher.

The Japanese use the phrase “masaka”

As the Associated Press wrote, Japanese To describe Osaka’s failure, use one phrase: ‘masaka’, meaning ‘impossible’, ‘impossible’. However, support your player after failure. – Watching you gives me courage. You don’t need a medal. Just watching is enough for your fans – says Japanese writer Yuji Taida. The stock price of the Japanese company Yonex – a manufacturer of tennis rackets, one of Osaka’s main sponsors – fell dramatically after the failure. Despite recovering some losses, it still ended the day in the red with 1.8%.

This is what it looks likeThis is the medal classification after the fifth day of the Olympics

A depressing photo of Naomi Osaka. Tennis is not necessary for anything.

– Naomi Osaka is another figure from the tennis community for example. Aharon Agassem and Nick Kyrgios, who are successful in tennis but do not like the discipline they play – this is the main conclusion of the mini-series about the Japanese tennis player – pisa na Dominik Senkowski >>

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