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Mass Effect Andromeda gets a second chance from fans of the trilogy who passed Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Andromeda gets a second chance from fans of the trilogy who passed Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect fans have nothing to complain about. Last month, the prestigious Mass Effect: Legendary Edition hit the market, a version with three revamped parts included in the Commander Shepard trilogy.

People who already have an adventure in the Milky Way, and they complete it Well written heroesI decided to give Mass Effect: Andromeda the first, and in others another chance, as you’d like to see all the brand’s releases again from the ground up.

On this occasion, forums and sub-forums dedicated to the Mass Effect community pass a second youth. In addition to talking about the flavors of individual parts, a lot of space is devoted to history in the Andromeda galaxy, which was voiced by many fans of the following:

I just finished Andromeda after playing the trilogy and I have to say that while the trilogy is better, the first few hours of Andromeda never got into it, but the more I played, the more I liked the ending of the fun, I was really interested in what I was going to see next.

I tend to describe Andromeda as “very average”. It’s a fun and entertaining game, without glaring flaws, but it doesn’t offer anything great either. I didn’t regret the time I spent playing it, but honestly, I don’t feel like getting to know her again.

It is still unknown what topics Mass Effect 4 will cover. I have written a lot about them on this link, in which I have analyzed the materials available so far, so if you are interested, click on the relevant link. In short: getting to know Andromeda can make us better understand the new cluster effect.

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