September 21, 2021

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Wysoka Komisarz Narodów Zjednoczonych ds. Praw Człowieka (UNHCHR) Michelle Bachelet oświadczyła, że otrzymała wiarogodne informacje o poważnym łamaniu praw człowieka przez talibów w Afganistanie. Wśród doniesień są te o zbiorowych egzekucjach cywilów.

Mass executions of civilians in Afghanistan? ‘Reliable reports’

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, has stated that she has received credible information about the massive human rights violations committed by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Reports include mass executions of civilians.

Bachelet said so Reports relate to mass executions of civilians and members of the Afghan security serviceswho surrendered. And in the context of human rights violations, the father mentioned. Recruiting soldiers among boys, restricting women’s right of movement, preventing girls from going to school, and brutally suppressing peaceful protests against the Taliban.

The commissioner called on the UN Human Rights Council, which is meeting in Geneva in an extraordinary session at the request of Pakistan and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, to establish mechanisms to closely monitor Taliban activities.

The primary red line will be the way the Taliban treat women and girls – Bachelet added, setting as a minimum their freedom of movement, study and work.

The Taliban emphasized that they would respect the rights of women and ethnic minorities, but as interpreted by Islamic law, and that they would not retaliate against those who cooperated with the governments of other countries.

I call on the Taliban to seek to restore social unity and reconciliation by respecting the rights of all who have suffered so much during decades of conflict –
Bachelet said.

The Taliban form a government in Afghanistan. The first ministers have already been appointed