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Massive attack on Ricketts. Chelsea supporters want to prevent football scandal

Massive attack on Ricketts.  Chelsea supporters want to prevent football scandal

As the president of the fan club Chelsea From Chicago, I had the unique privilege of hearing the opinion of local fans Title Presentation by the Ricketts family. The vast majority of opinions were expressions of disdain,” wrote Brian Wolf, also a Chicago Cubs baseball card holder.

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He added: “Political activity of family members and fundraising for politicians whose opinions differ completely from values.” ChelseaNot in line with the club’s philosophy. There are also doubts about the performance and earning of the Chicago Cubs, which could also happen to Chelsea. On behalf of fans around the world, I encourage you to decline the offer, so that the club will continue to develop and promote the values ​​that are so dear to us and so dear to us.”

Wolff, a fan of Chelsea and Copps, addressed the letter not only to the authorities of the London club, but also to representatives of the British bank and government, who will be involved in the deal to sell Chelsea. Wolff led the protests against the Ricketts family listed among the main candidates to take the club from the hands of the Russian oligarchy. Roman Abramovich.

Rebellion in the English Premier League and Serie A do not approve of players from Ukraine and Russia

And although the Ricketts after seven years with the Chicago Cubs led the club to the MLB Championship after a hiatus of more than 100 years, they are under heavy criticism today. Also because of the Chelsea fans who did so much to prevent the Americans from becoming the new owner of their club.

‘Muslims are my enemy’

The fan protests began after emails from Joe Ricketts, Tom’s father, Cubs boss and someone who wants to buy Chelsea on behalf of the family, hit the network last week. 2012 emails in which Ricketts Senior writes, among other things, that Muslims are his “enemy.”

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“We are a Christian country and I feel that their presence here is nothing but a continuation of an attack on our faith. (…) It is a cult, not a religion. A cult based on murder. I treat every Muslim as an enemy ”- he wrote in Ricketts correspondence.

And in other correspondence, he insulted the then US president – Barack Obama. Ricketts Sr. sent out articles based on conspiracy theories in an effort to prove that Obama was a gay, prostitute, and drug addict. “It is clear that he favors Muslims more than Christians,” Ricketts wrote.

This has not happened yet.  The Formula 1 authorities have a shocking idea. This has not happened yet. The Formula 1 authorities have a shocking idea. “It’s possible”

The emails faced severe criticism not only in the United States, but also in London. “If his son takes over Chelsea, the club can bid farewell to key Muslim players N’Golo Kante, Antonio Rudiger and Hakim Ziyech,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

– I really regret it. At times I received letters that I must immediately condemn, Ricketts the father confessed, and his son Tom distracted himself from his father’s activities and words. – He is in no way affiliated with the Chicago Cubs. We respect people from all walks of life and will not allow the culture we have been building since 2009 to be destroyed – he wrote.

Donald Trump friends

But the scandalous emails are just one reason Chelsea fans don’t want ricots in London. Another is the close ties between the family and former US President Donald Trump. While Riquito went out of their way to field his opponent in the 2016 White House race during the Republican primary, they ultimately backed Trump. fight With Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

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And it wasn’t a one-time endorsement. Riquito to this day maintains a relationship with Trump, whose campaigns in 2016 and 2020 totaled about $10 million. When Trump became president of the United States, he invited Cubs baseball players to the White House, who had just won an MLB title. In a traditional gentlemen’s visit to the president, it would not have been surprising if not for the fact that the Cubs had already visited Obama. Trump’s visit was purely political, and the Cubs were smiling broadly at the American president’s side. The same person who wants Chelsea now.

The second trip to the White House was a terrible decision. They’ve already had one meeting with Obama, a Chicago Red Sox fan. It was really cool, it was nice to watch. The second was an embarrassing provocation – said Cubs fan Randall Holt.

Olympic champion in jumping without a coach.  Exciting departure after the seasonOlympic champion in jumping without a coach. Exciting departure after the season

“I am very disappointed that the people who run my team are getting to know and staying close to someone like Trump,” added Ari Jordan, a CAPS fan.

Today, the same position is taken by Chelsea fans. After the British government froze the assets AbramovichFans do not want the next owner of their club to raise any moral doubts. And Trump, with whom the Ricketts family is closely related, is a misogynist, a racist, and a restriction of LGBT rights.

For Chelsea, this is particularly important to address the racist and anti-Semitic label given to Stamford Bridge fans by a group singing offensive songs. Chelsea has ramped up its involvement in minority campaigns in recent years and any ties with Trump may harm that business.

“They are liars who don’t want to win.”

Politics and opinions aside, the way Tom Ricketts runs the club in terms of sport also raises doubts. After the massive success in 2016, the Cubs have not followed through on the blow and it seems the family are no longer eager to invest more in the club.

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Cubs fans today consider their CEO a cheat. During the toughest months of the pandemic, Ricketts spoke of the heavy toll he had taken from the suspension of matches. Today, in the face of more than two billion bids for Chelsea, his words are called into question.

Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea FCRoman Abramovich does not leave football. He will buy a new club

“They decided to sell the big stars, including the ones who helped them win the title in 2016. It was only because they didn’t want to pay the money they deserved. At the time, we felt it was part of some strategy, we know today that they are just scammers.” – We read in the text of a Cubs fan on the portal.

Furthermore: “They are liars who don’t want to win. We don’t know to what extent buying Chelsea will affect our team. However, we have doubts as to whether the investment in England is definitely geared towards sporting success.”

It is not known exactly when the sale of Chelsea will end. lowest Friday In the evening, when the bidding deadline passed, more than 30 bids were submitted. The US conglomerate Raine Group is responsible for the deal, and the British government will have a big stake in choosing the new owner. The deal is expected to close within the next month.

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