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Matilda Damica summed up Kaczorowska’s entry for “The Ugly Duckling”. “Best comment!”. meaningful

Matilda Damica summed up Kaczorowska's entry for "The Ugly Duckling".  "Best comment!".  meaningful

For several days, Polish netizens have been discussing a controversial entry Agnieszka Kaczorowskawho found herself beautiful and She does not like the current fashion for ugliness. The actress certainly did not expect a real avalanche of answers not only from Internet users themselves, but also from her friends from show business. Bożenka’s views of the “Klan” on nature and body positivity, among other things, have been Katarzyna NosowskaAnd the Anna WendzikowskaAnd the Alexandra Szybruska, And the Our colleagues in the editor. This group was also joined by Matilda Damićka, who indicated the whole situation in her own style.

Matilda Damićka summed up Agnieszka Kaczorowska’s entry by painting The Ugly Duckling. Netizens: As always, to the point

Matilda Damićka shared a drawing on Instagram showing her duck toy SadLong eyelashes and big lips. It’s not perfect. He has one drawback – a broken eye. This is the detail the actress referenced in the entry.

The ugly duckling. His eye exploded. That duck – you can read on the drawing

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The description included hashtags like “fashion To the ugliness of the soul “,” The ugly man inside, in make-up is still an ugly man “and” Fashion campaign for ugliness should have no face.

Internet users appreciate the idea and the graphic design. They admitted it was a great commentary on the situation.

as always

Reality is also separated from this duck

Best comment – wrote under the post

Macej / Marcin from The Wedding At First Sight“Wedding at first sight”. Macic meets an ex-participant? We have a comment from Marcin Wichrowski

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What do you think of this drawing? Agnieszka definitely won’t like it.

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