October 18, 2021

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Matthew Lohmire rescinded the order after US military criticism

Matthew Lohmire rescinded the order after US military criticism

The resignation was the result of Lohmeier’s performance on a conservative podcast, where the military spoke of its latest book, “The Inevitable Revolution: The Achievable Victory of Marxism and the Formation of the American Army.” During the program, the colonel criticized the current state of the US military, in which a Marxist “critical theory of race” must be spread.

His words were quickly countered by the command of the U.S. military space mission. Lt. Gen. Stephen Whiting removed Colonel Lohmier from command of the 11th Space Alert Brigade at Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado because of “loss of confidence and confidence in command ability.”

– This decision was made on the basis of public comments made by Lieutenant Colonel Lohmier in a recent podcast. A Defense Department official told CNN that Lieutenant General Whiting had launched a Command-led Inquiry (CDI) into whether the comments were aimed at creating guerrilla political activity.

Colonel’s words

Lohmier was sharply critical of efforts to promote “diversity and integration” in the military.

“Since I commanded about 10 months ago, I consider America to be basically irrelevant and competitive stories about what, what should be, and how it should be,” the military said during its podcast performance.

Lohmier was particularly critical of the left. “Project 1619“, Which gives a historical perspective on how slavery shaped American institutions. The Colonel described it as” anti-American. ”

– If you do not want to accept it, you are starting to be labeled with various labels, including branding yourself as a racist, “he said.

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