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Matthews Morawiecki: We are disappointed by the US decision on Nord Stream 2

Matthews Morawiecki: We are disappointed by the US decision on Nord Stream 2

Morawiecki assessed that the change in Washington’s policy was dictated by “false hopes” for improving US relations with the European Union.

Well, Germany is not the European Union. Germany is Germany and it has its own interests, and it just so happens that its interests coincide perfectly with those of Russia. But the prime minister said this was not in line with transatlantic interests.

According to Moraveki, the decision to waive some sanctions on the gas pipeline runs counter not only to the American interest in the context of weakening European demand for American gas, but above all because the project helps Russia “in accumulating funds for military development and an aggressive policy”.

What just happened is hurting a deeper transatlantic unity. Now Russia will be given a powerful tool to further divide its transatlantic interests and use its weapons against Ukraine and Belarus, both overtly and covertly. Nothing can stop them [Rosji] On the march deep into Ukraine, because their – I mean Ukrainian – gas pipeline system will become redundant soon after Nord Stream 2 is completed and operational – Morawiecki was evaluated.

The Polish prime minister also criticized Washington’s broader energy-related activities, including the suspension of new drilling and the abandonment of the Keystone XL oil pipeline project linking the United States and Canada. According to him, these decisions will negatively affect Poland.

– The United States began to form a turning point in oil production only two or three years ago – and now it is a more important player than Saudi Arabia. And I prefer to be under this umbrella that benefits both the United States and the whole world – it is good for a democratic planet, not in the hands of the Russians, OPEC and Arab producers – as assessed by the Prime Minister.

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So by depriving America of this very tool, I believe that we together in the transatlantic community will weaken because dictatorships and authoritarian regimes like many Middle Eastern countries and the Russians and others will dictate the prices. The Polish prime minister added that they will have more money for terrorist activities in the Muslim world, they will have more money for a more aggressive military policy, and we will pay more.

When asked about divisions within the EU, the Prime Minister replied that it should not be a weakness in the EU.

– If we want Europe to be a great power, we should not expect the emergence of the “United States of Europe” – in my opinion it will never look like this. (…) For Europe to be strong, it must be “Europe of Homeland”. It cannot be a single superpower, because if it did, there would be friction and tension. The prime minister said if officials from Brussels, Berlin or Paris try to force anyone else in that direction, they will increase even more.

He added that the EU may be a superpower, but it “does not have the kind of universal philosophy that some EU members in Brussels seem to believe in”.

Speaking of the Three Seas Initiative, Morawiecki said it was an attempt to strengthen the eastern “lung” of the European Union, which had hitherto been less developed than the western.

– In Europe, we have well-developed links between East and West in terms of infrastructure, energy, roads, railways and the like. We don’t have the same from Scandinavia to Greece. The prime minister said that for Poland, which is in the center of this region and is the largest of all existing and potential three seas nations, it is the missing link in strategic and defense engineering.

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Referring to the EU’s policy towards Russia, the politician stressed that the union must be consistent and patient, because while Russian foreign policy does not change, changes happen often in Europe, and the further west, the less threat there is. Moscow side.

– However, on the one hand, we managed to develop a common vision of the sanctions imposed on Russia for the occupation of Crimea and the Donbass. On the other hand, we are still trying to persuade Russia – or, more precisely, to persuade Russia – to be aggressive in its strategic activities. From our more strategic point of view, the prime minister said, Russia may be one of the obstacles for China to further develop and expand its influence and power around the world.

However, for this to happen, “we have to deal with a truly peaceful and non-aggressive Russia, which is hard to imagine.”

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