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Mavashon criticized Jacek Korski. TVP asked her to correct it


Mavashon stated that Rapai Brzuzovsky’s selection of Eurovision 2021 was based on Jacek Korski’s will. The blogger received a letter from TVP requesting that her statement be corrected. But she did it in a sarcastic way.

Mafashon She kept her fingers crossed Raphael Brzuzovsky performing at Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam, Although she did not fear that Alicja Szemplińska would be the best fit as a Polish actress. Blogger is linked to Sebastian Fabijansky He suggested that the head of TVP should be behind the election of Brzuzovsky Jacek Korsky And she blamed him for the hate that had fallen on the “Which Tone?” Star.

What is Jacek interested in? Only you exposed Rapai to this hate, and you have chosen the person who will represent us as you see fit! No matter how angry people were, they denied the choice. Another person was supposed to travel as a representative of our country – Alicja Szemplińska – She said in Instastories after Kurski congratulated our actor.

Eurovision 2021: TVP thanks Raphael. Jacek Kurski: ‘One of the best shows’

Maffashion corrected her statement about Brzozowski’s choice of Eurovision

Polish TV didn’t take long to respond. Mavashon told fans that she received a letter from the TVP Information Center with a request to correct her statement regarding the president and the election of Rafael Brzuzovsky. Kuczyńska took the matter seriously and complied with the request, but did so in a cynical way.

I would like to inform you that it was not the dear president, Jacek Olgerd Kursky, who chose the songs of Raphael Brzuzovsky as the representative of our country in the competition. I bent at the waist and hit my chest. Yours faithfully, Julia from Zlotov – I wrote on Instastory.

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To correct it, I attached a photo of a card hanging somewhere “in town” with a handwritten inscription: “Jacek Korski was not the one who chose Raphael !!!” Similar ads have also appeared on billboards and buildings …

Zapendowska is strictly about Brzozowski: “From the start he didn’t have any chances. He’s a transparent artist.”

come in. Instastories: maffashion_official


come in. Instastory: maffashion_official


come in. Instastory: maffashion_official


come in. Instastory: maffashion_official


come in. Instastory: maffashion_official

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